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Artist Ill Nino Dead World Rock Pop Heavy Metal Compact Disc Domestic

Track Title. 1 God Is For The Dead. 1 God Is For The Dead. 2 The Art Of War. 2 The Art Of War. 3 Against The Wall. 3 Against The Wall. 4 Mi Revolucion. 4 Mi Revolucion. 5 Bleed Like You. 5 Bleed Like You. 6 Serve The Grave. 6 Serve The Grave. 7 If You Were Me. 7 If You Were Me. 8 Ritual. 8 Ritual. 9 Killing You, Killing Me. 9 Killing You, Killing Me. 10 How Could I Believe. 10 How Could I Believe. 11 Bullet With Butterfly Wings. 11 Bullet With Butterfly Wings. 12 Scarred. 12 Scarred. Combining the alt-metal intensity of early Deftones and Soulfly with plaintive, post-grunge choruses, Ill Ni o deliver another dose of melodic nu metal on their fifth studio album, Dead New World. With its rapid shifts from soaring to searing, the album has a kind of capricious feeling about it, abusing you with massive, chugging riffs and growling vocals before extending a hand of friendship with a big rock chorus, only to pull it away at the last moment as the verse comes back again and knocks you back to the floor. Whichever mode Ill Ni o are in, they always make sure to keep the intensity level up with a relentless barrage of furious guitar work and thunderous, almost tribal, drumming. Truly separating the band from the rest of the pack are the Latin flourishes that pop up on songs like How Could I Believe and Mi Revolucion. Little things like this help Dead New World break out of the mold for the genre that s been so firmly cast, allowing Ill Ni o to continue to deliver the hard-hitting metal that their fans have come to expect over the last decade. ~ Gregory Heaney, Rovi.

Pyle Mic And Stand Package – Pdmic58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic

The PDMIC58 is a professional moving coil dynamic handheld microphone. It makes your voice sound great in the studio or on the stage. Includes a 15 foot 5.5mm microphone cable. In addition we have added the PMKS7 Microphone Stand. This compact bass-style mic stand is built to be both durable and lightweight. The adjustable boom makes this microphone stand the industrys most felxible and easy-to-use stand on the market. Reliable, sturdy, and solid — this mic stand is built to last. We have also added the PPMCL50 XLR Female to Male Cable. Pyle Pro cabling is designed with the professional in mind. Get crystal clear vocals with this 50 ft. symmetric microphone cable. Connects XLR male to XLR female. Product Dimensions: PMKS7 – 19L X 6W X 5H

Journey Home By Gets,malcolm (cd)

*Artist: GETS,MALCOLM *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 2-JUN-2009

Magix Audio Studio (cd)

You can record up to 16-track of vocals and instruments and edit your own WAV samples. A wealth of professional features is at your fingertips, including time-stretching, pitch-shifting, resampling and normalization. For mixing you can rely on the professional 16-track virtual mixing console with DirectX-interface, 2 Effect Sends, Delay, 2-band EQ and many other features Features: 16 digital audio recording tracks Digital audio-CD to WAV instant import Drum & Loop editing Audio editing and mastering: multiple time-stretching, pitch-shifting, normalizing, multi-fades, cross-fades, resampling and reverse Mixer with 2 effect sends, delay, 3-band EQ, stereo enhancer DirectX interface: offline/online AVI integration, AVI audio import and export Real-time effects: echo, delay, reverb, EQ, gater, dynamics, user programmable filters Digital track-bouncing File import: MP3, MS-Audio, WAV, MPEG, Audio-CD File export: MPEG, WAV, MP3 via optional codec Up to 100 undo levels Pentium with 166MHz minimum, Windows 95/98/2000, 100MB free disk space minimum, 32MB of RAM minimum (64MB recommended), Resolution 800 x 600 with 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft mouse or compatible

Rosemary Clooney Country Rose Jazz Music Vocals Product Type Compact

Artist: Rosemary Clooney. Title: Country Rose. Genre: Jazz. Sub-Genre: Jazz Vocals. Release Date: 10 June 2003. Attributes: ~ Discs:1 ~ Country:Usa. Country: USA. Label: ( CCVP ).

Audio postproduction for digital video

Written in the author’s clear conversational style, with ample illustrations and visual analogies, this book features software agnostic tutorials and “cookbook recipes” for each phase of postaudio processing. The author begins with a section of FAQs from readers of the author’s magazine column. After summarizing the significant points of audio theory, the author describes the preliminaries of setting up a post studio. From there he details every aspect of postproduction – from getting the tracks into the computer, to ‘fixing and mixing,’ to dealing with details of compression and streaming. The companion audio CD contains diagnostics, tutorial tracks, and demonstrations. Audio Postproduction for Digital Video helps you make your soundtracks as good as your pictures with this compendium of professional audio techniques that can be adapted to desktop post. Specializing in sound after the shoot, this book features many practical examples, cookbook recipes, and tutorials.

Top Quality Dlo Shh4515 Controlbuds Earbud Headset For Select Apple

When searching for quality that offers unquestionable values as well as a best deal, you surely reached this goal by selecting DLO SHH4515 ControlBuds Earbud Headset for Select Apple iPod and iPhone!! The integrated in-line remote with microphone control on this headset provide plenty of control over your iPhone or iPod functions, including skipping tracks, changing volume and accepting or rejecting calls.* Compatible with select iPhone and iPod modelsIncluding iPhone 3GS, 2nd-generation iPod touch, iPod classic 120GN, 4th-generation (video) iPod nano. May require the latest software for support of microphone and volume control.* Earbud designDirects sound into the ear for deep bass and extended frequency response.* Integrated remote and microphone controlLets you control iPhone and iPod functions with and without voice commands and offers hands-free calling.* Tuned speakersWith air vents deliver balanced sound.* Soft silicone ear cupsFor long-lasting comfort.* Flexi-Grip designProtects the cable from damage due to repeated bending.* 12Hz – 23kHz frequency responseFor faithful sound reproduction.* 102dB sensitivityFor powerful sound.* 16 ohm impedanceFor efficient power handling.This is an Open Box like new condition product.its where quality and satisfaction are guaranteed to meet.