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Agalloch Mantle Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal Music Rock Pop

Track Title. 1 A Celebration For The Death Of Man. 2 In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion. 3 Odal. 4 I Am The Wooden Doors. 5 The Lodge. 6 You Were But A Ghost In My Arms. 7 The Hawthorne Passage. 8.And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth. 9 A Desolation Song. Agalloch’s second album, The Mantle, is a leaps-and-bounds improvement over their first full-length, 1999’s Pale Folklore. That wasn’t a bad album, but it was hampered by a low-budget production job that didn’t suit the sophisticated tone of the music. The improved production is the first thing that stands out here, evident in the more detailed arrangements, the classier guitar tones, and the fuller overall sound. That said, the music itself has also evolved and matured. Along with the Katatonia-inspired guitar work and grim, scratchy black metal vocals also present on Pale Folklore, a number of other sounds work their way into The Mantle, among them prominent acoustic guitar-strumming and cleanly sung vocals, Scandinavian-tinged folk guitar-picking (the middle breakdown during “I Am the Wooden Doors” is straight out of Ulver’s bag), timpani percussion, and a few subtle electronic interludes. It is not just the range of sounds that’s impressive, though, but rather how smoothly they are woven together, creating an album that flows from beginning to end, using its entire 68-minute running time to make its point without wearing out its welcome. Agalloch’s biggest strength, much like the early work of Ulver and Katatonia, is their ability to create an epic type of listening experience without resorting to bombast or heavy-handedness, and that quality is plainly evident here. Factor in the excellent artwork and packaging (which features photos of the bandmembers looking very poised and European), and you have one of 2002’s most accomplished and surprising metal-related albums. ~ William York, Rovi.

Bbe 882i: Sonic Maximizer

The BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer is the flagship of the BBE line of SONIC MAXIMIZERS . With the patented BBE Process, music has a great “live presence”. Unlike some “exciter” devices which add artificial harmonics to the signal, BBE adds nothing artificial but instead restructures it to faithfully allow all the detail and nuance to be heard. Highs frequencies are clear, naturally brilliant and finely detailed. Lows are tight, well defined and harmonically rich. Electric and acoustic guitars have sparkle, clarity and definition. BBE brings out the harmonic complexity so each note of a chord becomes more distinct. Electric & acoustic basses take on a rich, earthy “CD” sound. BBE yields extremely tight, punchy bottom end without sacrificing the presence, clarity and bite on the top end. Keyboards and synthesizers take on new realism. Percussive and plucked sounds are clear and sharp; chords are rich and full-textured with each note in the chord retaining its integrity. Vocals cut through the

Greenwich Time By Luker,rebecca (cd)

*Artist: LUKER,REBECCA *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 20-OCT-2009

Yes:35th Anniversary Concert Songs Fr By Yes (dvd)

Formed in 1968, Yes has maintained a loyal fan base over its long career. Outlasting other progressive rock groups of the 1970s, Yes is one of the more successful bands to emerge from that musical genre. Featuring live performances of songs covering their career, this release celebrates their 35th anniversary. Fronted by Jan Anderson on Vocals, Yes also includes Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, and Alan White. In this release, Yes exhibits a style reminiscent of the epic concerts from their past. Performing on a stage designed by well-known Yes Collaborator Roger Dean, the band plays songs including: Going For the One, Sweet Dreams, Runaround, Time is Time, Roundabout, Show Me, Owner of a Lovely Heart, And You And I, Every Little Thing and Starship Trooper. *Artist: YES *Genre: Music Video – Pop/Rock *Rating: NR *Release Date: 8-JUL-2008

Artist Mills Brothers V Disc Recordings Jazz Music Vocals Compact Disc

Artist: Mills Brothers. Title: V-Disc Recordings. Genre: Jazz. Sub-Genre: Jazz Vocals. Release Date: 6 January 2009. Attributes: Discs:1 ~ Country:Usa. Country: USA. Label: ( CSCW ).

PC Recording Studios For Dummies

Here’s how to make sound decisions about a desktop studi Get the lowdown on equipment, design your studio space, and set your music free If you’ve been dreaming of making music with your computer, wake up and get started! Musician Jeff Strong clears a path for you through all the confusing options, helping you sort out hardware and software choices, coax the sound you want from your equipment, work with equalizers and processors, and start your creative juices flowing Discover how t li>Choose the right system and install softwareli>Optimize studio sound for recording and mixingli>Understand audio interfaces, sound cards, and MIDI gearli>Compare popular programsli>Mix and master your tracks/ul>

76 Key Personal Keyboard with MP3/Audio Connection, 670 Tones and

The Casio WK-500 keyboard is ideal for home/project studio use, open-mic performance, education/classroom applications, or simply for pure musical enjoyment. The WK-500 76 Key Musical Keyboard, with touch response, allows you to select up to 670 tones that include an array of different sounds, as well as 200 rhythms to choose from. A large back-lit LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings, keyboard keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play more informative and enjoyable than ever before. Want to sound like you are playing in a large concert hall? Consider it done with the on-board Digital Effects which will add another dimension to your playing. This powerful instrument also features an on-board sequencer, for unmatched creative possibilities! You can now record up to 5 songs with 6 tracks each. Computer connectable via USB port, MIDI capable, and MP3/Audio connectivity. The WK-500 also features a new 10 second sampling feature, which will allow you to sample almost anything that you can think of! Power supply included.