Behringer Acx900 Ultracoustic 90-watt Amplifier

The 90-Watt ACX900 features two channels: one with a single 1/ 4″ input jack and a second with a 1/4″ input and XLR input, making it the ideal amp for a one-person show with an acoustic guitar and a mic for vocals. Just turn the GAIN dial to determine the levels of each channel.On the back panel, you will find a stereo RCA input for plugging in a CD player. If you’re just getting started as a guitarist, this is a great way to play along with your favorite tunes. Or, if you’re playing an extended set, you can use the CD IN section to provide music during breaks. Two XLR LINE OUT jacks send a signal directly to a mixing board, and you can connect an external effects processor via the 1/4″ INST INS SEND and RETURN jacks.

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