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Artist Salem King Night Rock Pop Music Heavy Metal Product Type

Release Date: 28 September 2010. Attributes: Discs: 1. Label: Iamsound ( IMSD ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 42. UPC: 656605799322. Configuration: D: CD. A dark mystique has surrounded Salem since the trio released its debut EP, Yes I Smoke Crack, in 2008. The ominous imagery of their album artwork, the tales of John Holland’s teenage prostitution and drug use and their place among the creators of the witch house/drag style gave the band something of a mythic quality even before their first full-length, King Night, was released. Over the course of their prolific singles and EPs, Holland, John Donoghue and Heather Marlatt shaped a sound that was as distinctive as it was improbable, fusing beats descended from juke and Southern hip-hop, electronics with a goth bent and shoegazing guitars into something deeply weird and trippy but also surprisingly natural, as if those elements had just been waiting to be combined. On the surface, goth and hip-hop may not have much in common, but they often share a bleak romanticism that Salem has in spades. King Night’s title track blends choral vocals, suffocating synths and a tinny beat that is so obviously, proudly mechanical that it adds extra coldness while nodding to hip-hop. Killer boasts guitars so heavy they could have come from a Sunn 0))) album, while Traxx uses a sample of rattling chains as percussion. Thanks to having three writers and vocalists, the band is also good at adding depth and variety to a style that could seem like a novelty. Marlatt sounds like a fallen angel, adding credence to Salem’s goth undercurrents with darkly ethereal tones that evoke the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil on Frost and the beautiful Redlights, one of the band s earliest and most definitive songs. Any small rays of hope raised by her songs are dashed by Donoghue’s tracks, which very well may be the heart of Salem’s unsettling darkness.

Artist Converge Jane Doe Rock Pop Music Heavy Metal Compact Disc

Release Date: 4 September 2001. Attributes: Discs:1. Label: Equal Vision Records ( EVR ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 61. UPC: 794558106122. Configuration: D: CD. With the 2001 release of their fourth official studio album, Converge has put the final sealing blow on their status as a legend in the world of metallic hardcore. A relatively logical extension from the chain of events that led from Halo in a Haystack up to their split LP with Agoraphoric Nosebleed, Jane Doe seems completely watertight and flawless. Their churning, chaotic guitars are more dense and layered — fleshed out. Jakob Bannon’s vocals seem somehow even more raw in the right places, more beautiful and ethereal in the others. Rhythms are as hectic and ADD-driven as ever, ripping back and forth, locking into mindless grooves, and then blurting back out in a structured mess. Experimentation with texture and mood unravels itself throughout the 12 tracks, yet maintains some cohesive element of undefined focus. Throughout all of the morphing and movement, some element of feeling remains, insisting that this album is an experience — an encyclopedic envelopment of so much at once. Blake Butler, All Music Guide.

Oh! My Papa By Fisher,eddie (cd)

*Artist: FISHER,EDDIE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 15-AUG-2005

Creative Aurvana 2 In-ear Headphones

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Jazzlips Artist Sarah Vaughan Live In Tokyo Jazz Music Vocals Product

Track Title. 1 A Foggy Day. 2 Poor Butterfly. 3 The Lamp Is Low. 4 ‘Round Midnight. 5 Willow Weep For Me. 6 There Will Never Be Another You. 7 Misty. 8 Wwave. 9 Like Someone In Love. 10 My Funny Valentine. 11 All Of Me. 12 Love Story (Where Do I Begin). 13 Over The Rainbow. 14 I Could Write A Book. 15 The Nearness Of You. 16 I’ll Remember April. 17 Watch What Happens. 18 I Cried For You. 19 Summertime. 20 The Blues. 21 I Remember You. 22 There’s No Greater Love. 23 Rainy Days And Mondays. 24 On A Clear Day. 25 Bye Bye Blackbird. 26 Tonight. 27 Tenderly. 28 The Summer Knows.

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Torx Smash Stix

Go head to head in a soft baton battle! . Battle your buddy by aiming for the center of their baton . Soft foam batons for safe, high-energy battles . Electronic score keeper with sound effects tracks your points. 4 AAA Batteries Required.For Boys 8 and up.Includes 2 Smash Stix batons.