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Bullet For My Valentine Fever Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal

Track Title. 1 Your Betrayal. 2 Fever. 3 The Last Fight. 4 A Place Where You Belong. 5 Pleasure And Pain. 6 Alone. 7 Breaking Out, Breaking Down. 8 Bittersweet Memories. 9 Dignity. 10 Begging For Mercy. 11 Pretty On The Outside. Welsh thrash/metalcore band Bullet for My Valentine sold a lot of records out of the gate with their 2006 album The Poison, blending old-school metal riffing and emo lyrical content in a manner similar to Stateside peers like Atreyu. On their second album, 2008’s Scream Aim Fire, they evolved into a much more aggressive and assured metal act, going a little easier on the overwrought diary-entry lyrics in favor of Trivium-style anthems like “Eye of the Storm” and “Waking the Demon.” On their third disc, they consolidate their style and split the difference between their two previous discs, offering ultra-clean singing and overwrought lost-love lyrics atop a bed of gated and triggered drums, staccato guitar riffing, and arena-friendly soloing. Having apparently overcome the throat problems that plagued him around the time of Scream Aim Fire, Matt Tuck’s vocals are powerful and committed, whether on heavy tracks like “Your Betrayal” or ballads like “Bittersweet Memories.” This isn’t a pathbreaking album by a band with any chance at reshaping their genre in their image; it’s a solid disc by a group that knows its own strengths. ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi.

Lemonade! (musical)

Join in the fairytale frenzy when Chicken Little, the Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, the Cat with a fiddle, Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue and a host of other characters are having a BAD DAY! But with the help of a cheerful Mother Goose, discover how they learn to make the best out of life’s ups and downs. This clever 20-minute musical for primary grades features 5 original songs in a variety of musical styles, easy rhyming dialog, choreography, staging and costume ideas…all included right in the Teacher Edition. A Choreography Video featuring John Jacobson is also available with helpful staging suggestions. Available: Teacher Edition, Reproducible Pak (vocals, lyrics, dialog) Preview CD (with vocals), Performance/Accomp. CD, Classroom Kit (Teacher, Repro, P/A CD), Choreography Video. Performance Time: Approx. 20 minutes. For Grades K-4.

Capitol Collectors Series By Newton,wayne (cd)

*Artist: NEWTON,WAYNE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 12-JAN-1999

Activision DS Band Hero Bundle

Bundle Includes:(1) Band Hero game(1) Band Hero Guitar Grip(1) Band Hero Drum Skin PeripheralAscend the virtual stage and rock your way to superstardom with Band Hero. Band Hero DS delivers full band features with the ability to shred guitar, beat the drums or sing lead vocals on your DS Lite. Enter multiplayer mode and join up to four people to form your own band.

Artist Gil Scott Heron I’m New Here Jazz Music Vocals Product Type

1 On Coming From A Broken Home, Pt. 1. 1 On Coming From A Broken Home, Pt. 1. 2 Me And The Devil. 2 Me And The Devil. 3 I’m New Here. 3 I’m New Here. 4 Your Soul And Mine. 4 Your Soul And Mine. 5 Parents (Interlude). 5 Parents (Interlude). 6 I’ll Take Care Of You. 6 I’ll Take Care Of You. 7 Being Blessed (Interlude). 7 Being Blessed (Interlude). 8 Where Did The Night Go. 8 Where Did The Night Go. 9 I Was Guided (Interlude). 9 I Was Guided (Interlude). 10 New York Is Killing Me. 10 New York Is Killing Me. 11 Certain Things (Interlude). 11 Certain Things (Interlude). 12 Running. 12 Running. 13 The Crutch. 13 The Crutch. 14 I’ve Been Me (Interlude). 14 I’ve Been Me (Interlude). 15 On Coming From A Broken Home, Pt. 2. 15 On Coming From A Broken Home, Pt. 2. I m New Here is a shock. It sa wallop filled with big nasty beats, a wide range of sonic atmospheres, and more — sometimes unintentional — autobiographical intimacy than we ve heard from Gil Scott-Heron than ever before. Produced by XL Recordings head Richard Russell, I m New Here is his first record in 16 years. It is a scant 28 minutes and doesn t need to be a second longer. It’s unlike anything he s previously recorded, though there is metaphoric precedence in his earliest, largely spoken word albums. Its production pushes forcefully at the margins, and Scott-Heron embraces it without a hint of nostalgia. It opens with On Coming from a Broken Home, the first of a two-part poem that bookends the album. Over a piano and a sampled string loop (from Kanye West’s Flashing Lights ), he reflects on his upbringing filled with strong female figures and an unconventional structure, with a startling epiphany at the end. It segues immediately into a slamming read of Robert Johnson’s Me and the Devil, with enormous hip-hop drums, sampled strings, and sonic effects that create a sense of brooding menace as Scott-Heron wails with bracing rawness to hair-raising effect.

Stanton Stanton C500 Rackmountable Dual Dj Cd Player With Dual

The Stanton C500 is their most affordable dual CD player perfect for mobile and club DJs, bars, restaurants and musicians looking for a simple, easy-to-use rackmount system. With dual jogwheel controllers, cueing and mixing tracks is completely str

Creative Labs Ep-630 In-ear Headphones Black

Creative EP-630 in-ear earphones with rubber earbuds give an enhanced listening experience with MP3 audio. Specially designed to meet the needs of users on the go, the rubber earbuds block external sounds and enhance the bass impact of compressed audio tracks, giving users on the move access to a new, more exciting sound stage. Lightweight and comfortable, these earphones feature oxygen-free copper cable to ensure maximum audio delivery across a wide frequency range, plus Neodymium magnet transducers for improved clarity from high-end to low.Created to complement MP3 players. Rubber earbuds block external sounds and enhance bass. Lightweight, comfortable design, for a better audio experience. Oxygen-free copper cable for maximum audio delivery. Outstanding low-to-high frequency response, from 6Hz to 23kHz. 8mm Neodymium magnet transducers for outstanding audio clarity and detail.