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Agalloch Pale Folklore Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal Rock Pop

Track Title. 1 She Painted Fire Across The Skyline (Part 1). 2 She Painted Fire Across The Skyline (Part 2). 3 She Painted Fire Across The Skyline (Part 3). 4 The Misshapen Steed. 5 Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony. 6 Dead Winter Days. 7 As Embers Dress The Sky. 8 The Melancholy Spirit. Not only was Agalloch’s Pale Folklore an astoundingly ambitious and accomplished debut, it made for a stark geographical anomaly, since its eclectic, avant-garde folk-metal was the sort of thing one would expect to emerge from Scandinavia — not Portland, OR. Epic, atmospheric, deeply melancholy, yet extremely heavy, its songs showed the same level of daring cross-pollination as those of Norway’s Ulver or Sweden’s Opeth, as well as off-the-beaten-path experiments with folk music forms pioneered by Finland’s Amorphis, among others — yet unquestionably treaded its own, unique path. The album’s fascinating journey begins with the three-song suite titled “The Painted Fire Across the Skyline,” featuring forceful, driving power chords, elegiac melodies on acoustic guitar and piano, and half-whispered, half-screamed vocals backed by mood-enhancing icy winds. Next (and get a load of these titles!) comes the astonishingly beautiful “The Misshapen Steed,” alternating painfully sparse keyboard tinkling with lush mock-string orchestrations; followed by a return to more energetic dark metal intercut with melancholy quiet passages on stunning achievements like “Hallways of Enchanted Ebony,” “Dead Winter Days,” and “The Embers Dress the Sky” Finally, colossal closer “The Melancholy Spirit” brings all of these elements around for one final, inventively varied go-round, while also introducing an odd, choppy guitar figure reminiscent of the Police.

Donald Byrd Stepping Into Tomorrow Product Type Compact Disc Jazz

Track Title. 1 Stepping Into Tomorrow. 2 Design A Nation. 3 We’re Together. 4 Think Twice. 5 Makin’ It. 6 Rock And Roll Again. 7 You Are The World. 8 I Love The Girl. Beginning with a crack of thunder, like it was made to trail Gary Bartz’s “Mother Nature” (actually recorded at a slightly later date), Stepping into Tomorrow contains almost all of the Mizell trademarks within its title track’s first 30 seconds: a soft and easy (yet still funky) electric-bass-and-drums foundation, silken rhythm guitar, organ and piano gently bouncing off one another, light synthesizer shading, and coed group vocals to ensure true liftoff. It’s only one in a line of many magnetic ’70s sessions led by Fonce and Larry Mizell, and it differs from their two previous Donald Byrd dates — the polarizing and groundbreaking Black Byrd and the deceptively excellent Street Lady — by not featuring any of Roger Glenn’s flute, and by focusing on heavily melodic and laid-back arrangements. Even the speedy “You Are the World,” by some distance the most energetic song, seems more suited for relaxing in a hammock than shooting down a freeway. Many of the musicians present on the previous Byrd-Mizell meetings are here, including drummer Harvey Mason, bassist Chuck Rainey, keyboardist Jerry Peters, and guitarist David T. Walker. As ever, those who pined for the approach of Byrd’s ’60s dates would tune out a sublime set of material, but maybe some of those who sniffed at the straightforward nature of some of the rhythms and riffing were won over by the supreme layering of the many components (the way in which “Think Twice” lurches forward, peels back, and gathers steam is nothing short of heavenly), not to mention some deeply evocative playing from Byrd himself. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide.

Live From Las Vegas By Sinatra,frank (cd)

*Artist: SINATRA,FRANK *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 26-APR-2005

Samson Gtrackrb G-track Factory Reconditioned Usb Condenser

As the worlds first USB condenser microphone with a built-in audio interface and mixer, G-Track allows for simultaneous stereo input and gain control of vocals and guitar, bass, or keyboard while also providing switchable stereo, mono, and computer monitoring through an on board headphone output.Features:Large diaphragm (19mm) studio condenser USB microphone.Works seamlessly with GargeBand, Logic Express and Logic Pro.Record electric guitars and vocals at once.Record stereo instruments like keyboards or drum machines.On-board control of input and output levels.Heavy-duty desktop stand, Audio I/O and USB cables includedOptical shockmount (SP04) available..

Rene Marie Voice Of My Beautiful Countr Jazz Vocals Product Type

Track Title. 1 Strange Meadowlark. 2 O Shenandoah. 3 Imagination. 4 Just My Imagination. 5 White Rabbit. 6 Drift Away. 7 John Henry. 8 Angelitos Negros. 9 America The Beautiful. 10 Drum Battle. 11 Piano Blues. 12 My Country ‘Tis Of Thee. 13 Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing/Star-Spangled Banner. 14 America The Beautiful (Reprise). The track list on Ren Marie’s latest release reads like an iPod in random shuffle mode gone haywire: a Temptations classic is followed by a Jefferson Airplane classic, which is followed by Dobie Gray’s hit “Drift Away.” There’s Dave Brubeck’s “Strange Meadow Lark” and the American folk standards “John Henry” and “O Shenandoah,” and a sensuous Latin ballad, “Angelitos Negros.” The rest of the program makes for no less incongruous a list, but Ren Marie’s gift is that she wraps each song around her dynamic, smoky, malleable, experienced voice until it feels as if she’s written it. (Her next album will consist solely of her own compositions.) Marie is a latecomer to performing; now in her fifties, she’s only been recording for about 15 years. Perhaps because she took so long to get started, she’s had time to develop a personalized style without falling prey to outside influences. Fronting a tight, supple jazz combo, Marie is down to earth, full of surprises, and clever in her approach to a song. The Airplane’s “White Rabbit” is rendered in a simultaneously dreamy and intense fashion: Marie, after building up to her first crescendo, lays back, turns things over to the pianist, waits it out till it’s become frenzied, and only then returns to drive it home. A medley of Jimmy Van Heusen’s “Imagination” and the Temps’ “Just My Imagination” makes more sense in Marie’s hands than on paper: the first is a whispery, breathy voice and sullen piano; a seamless segue and then the second song, which is soulful, free, tough, and fun.

Activision Ps3, Dj Hero: Renegade Edition

Master The Turntable – Scratch, mix and sample your way across dozens of songs. Use the Effects Dial (similar to Guitar Hero’s whammy bar) to adjust the audio effects on a track. Build up your Euphoria meter and use it to double your score multiplier. Rewind, Play It Back – Hit enough notes in a row to earn a Rewind, allowing you to replay a section of the song and earn more points. Party With Your Friends – Battle your friends or spin cooperatively in local and online multiplayer. Plus, you can grab your Guitar Hero guitar (sold separately) and rock exclusive mixes with a DJ. Rock The Party – Set the game to autoplay as the soundtrack of your party — players can jump in or out at any time. Featuring the Hottest Music – Includes the best of hip-hop, pop, dance and rock mixed into original tracks created by top DJs like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Shadow, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Z Trip, DJ AM and others. Renegade Turntable Controller – Featuring premium metal controls and a metal finish, this is the way to spin in style. Hardshell Turntable Carrying Case – Protect your DJ Hero turntable with this stylish case that converts to a performance-ready DJ stand.

Wowwee Light Strike Striker With Mini Target Sp 144 Yellow Pistol

Conquer individual challenges, play one-on one or create ultimate team battles. Activate shield to take less damage from enemies. Unlimited ammo. Health meter tracks remaining life. Respawn when health hits zero. Play indoors or outside. Interactive lights and sounds that put you on the battlefield. Light Strike Target Included with Striker Perfect your aim with light-up and sound FX target. Use on most horizontal surfaces. Extra targets sold in a two-pack or one-pack. Age 8+. Batteries: 4 x AA (not included) and 3 X AAA (not included).