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Wintersun Product Type Compact Disc Perfect Heavy Metal Music Rock

Track Title. 1 Beyond The Dark Sun. 2 Winter Madness. 3 Sleeping Stars. 4 Battle Against Time. 5 Death And The Healing. 6 Starchild. 7 Beautiful Death. 8 Sadness And Hate. At first glance, a Finnish heavy metal band named Wintersun, whose album cover shows a fallen warrior lying face down in the snow, might elicit thoughts of simplistic black metal infused with pagan or anti-Christian messages, but it doesn’t take long for this eponymous debut to prove that first impressions can be deceiving. In fact, the new project of former Ensiferum and Arthemesia vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jari M enp a merges the hyper-fast precision of Yngwie Malmsteen-like guitar playing (witness the speedy “Beyond the Dark Sun”) with the melodic sensibilities of post-Helloween power metal (see the more diverse “Winter Madness”) and a homegrown passion for folk-styled songwriting descended straight from trailblazing compatriots Amorphis. If there is any sign of black metal songwriting to be found here, it’s in the majestic symphonic backdrops draped all over the ever more ambitious offerings that follow: “Sleeping Stars” flirts with doom via its slow-creeping riffs, “Death and the Healing” alternates clean and rough vocals with a jaw-dropping display of pyrotechnic guitar heroics, and “Beautiful Death” comprises a stunning (if quite morbid) black metal tour de force in terms of both words and musical attack. Curiously, each subsequent track runs longer than the last here — as if Wintersun is consciously using the song lengths themselves as means of upping the compositional ante.

TM-621 Heavy Duty Unidirectional Microphone

Die Cast Unidirectional Dynamic MicrophoneRugged microphone is perfect when vocals are important, and staying within the budget is a must. Rugged pickup element handles a wide SPL range, making this the ideal instrument mic as well.

Black And Blue/tobacco Road By Rawls,lou (cd)

*Artist: RAWLS,LOU *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 16-MAY-2006

Pat Boone Star Dust/tenderly Product Type Compact Disc Great Vocal

Artist: Pat Boone. Title: Star Dust/Tenderly. Genre: Vocals. Sub-Genre: Vocal. Release Date: 13 July 2010. Attributes: ~ Discs:1. Label: Sepia Records ( PPIA ). Product Type: Compact Disc.

Dinah Washington Back To The Blues Jazz Music Vocals Product Type

Track Title. 1 The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But A Woman Cryin’ For Her Man. 2 Romance In The Dark. 3 You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon. 4 Let Me Be The First To Know. 5 How Long, How Long Blues. 6 Don’t Come Running Back To Me. 7 It’s A Mean Old Man’s World. 8 Key To The Highway. 9 If I Never Get To Heaven. 10 Duck Before You Drown. 11 No Hard Feelings. 12 Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning. 13 Don’t Say Nothing At All. 14 No One Man. 15 Me And My Gin. Prior to her 1959 hit “What a Difference a Day Makes,” nearly every Dinah Washington recording (no matter what the style) was of interest to jazz listeners. However, after her unexpected success on the pop charts, most of Washington’s sessions for Mercury and Roulette during the last four years of her life were quite commercial, with string arrangements better-suited to country singers and Washington nearly parodying herself with exaggerated gestures. Fortunately, this 1997 CD reissue brings back an exception, a blues-oriented collection that features Washington returning to her roots, backed by a jazz-oriented big band (although with occasional strings and background voices); in addition to the original program, there are previously unreleased versions of “No One Man” and “Me and My Gin.” Eddie Chamblee and Illinois Jacquet have some tenor solos, guitarist Billy Butler is heard from, and the trumpet soloist is probably Joe Newman. In general, this is a more successful date than Dinah Washington’s earlier investigation of Bessie Smith material, since the backup band is more sympathetic and the talented singer is heard in prime form. Dinah Washington clearly had a real feeling for this bluesy material. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.

Numark Professional Direct-drive Turntable With Usb

The TTXUSB stands alone among professional turntables because it was exclusively designed for the modern DJ, with a silicon rubber base that absorbs vibration and dampens low end feedback, and an interchangeable tone arm system that adapts to any DJ style. The TTXUSB, like its predecessor, features user-variable torque. The TTXUSB also delivers versatility and control thanks to an illuminated output bay, a built-in BPM counter, and interchangeable S-shaped or straight tone arms. Best of all, the TTXUSB’s built-in USB connector simplifies connection to a computer for fast, professional grade vinyl-to-digital transfer.As an added benefit, vinyl-to-digital conversion takes just a few mouse clicks thanks to the bundled EZ Vinyl Converter software; a new program available exclusively to Numark that quickly converts vinyl tracks directly to iTunes.Additional features include digital outputs for direct sampling, Key Lock and 50% pitch control for unprecedented mixing options. The TTXUSB remains ahead of the game and delivers a new standard in turntables by expanding the possibilities of vinyl.World’s first user – adjustable ultra – high torque direct – drive motor. Patented interchangeable aluminum tone arm system includes both straight and S – shaped tone arms. Interchangeable pitch fader and button cartridges for club and battle style. Blue illuminated display provides pitch, RPM, BPM and motor settings. Removable aluminum target light and strobe with super – bright white LED. Solid – core steel top and rubber base construction diminishes vibration and unwanted noise. Anti – drag aluminum platter reduces excess rotating friction. Precise cue, height and anti – skate adjustments. Reverse and adjustable start and brake times. 8, 10, 20 and 50% selectable pitch ranges. Key Lock to maintain any key while changing tempo. Onboard auto BPM counter. 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Selectable phono/line level output (without ground wire). Detachable power and audio connections, illuminated output bay. USB connection for ultra-quick conversion of vinyl to digital media. Included EZ Converter software quickly rips your vinyl collection directly to iTunes. Headshell and 45 adapter included.

Logitech Ue600vi Earphones

Immerse yourself in 3D sound with a headset that fits just right and has on-cord controls for calls and music. With a snug, secure design and well-rounded sound, this noise-isolating headset fits just right and has on-cord controls for calls and music.No need to fumble with your iPhone, BlackBerry, or iPod. On-cord controls let you take calls, adjust the volume, and change tracks on the run. Your music just sounds better with extended high frequency response and a fuller soundstage. You can wear this headset two ways to fit the situation – down for casual listening or over the ear for exercise.Calls and musicNo need for two headsets – you get detailed sound, crisp calls and noise isolation for your music and phone calls. On-cord controlsOn-cord controls let you answer calls with just one touch, change tracks and adjust volume – all without taking your iPhone or iPod out of your pocket. Balanced, top-firing driversYou’ll enjoy extended high frequency response and a fuller soundstage – perfect for listening to a wide variety of genres. Immersive sound signature3D sound makes you feel as though you are experiencing the quality, energy and emotion of a live performance. Flexible wearingWear your headset down for casual listening or over the ears while exercising or when more active. Noise isolationA magic seal blocks out outside noise – like plane engines – and envelops you in sound. Tangle-resistant cordThe durable, 46″ long cord doesn’t tangle as easily as thinner ear bud cords.