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Wormrot Dirge Product Type Compact Disc Perfect Heavy Metal Music

There are lots of words one could use to describe a Wormrot song; “dirge” is not one of them. This Singapore-based grindcore trio specializes in ultra-compressed blasts of raw yet disciplined energy, typically exploding for between 30 and 90 seconds before moving on. The shortest song on Dirge is a four-second nod to grindcore forefathers Napalm Death, “You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem.” The longest is the album-closing “The Final Insult,” which sprawls out for an epic 1:49. Dirge packs 25 songs into just under 18 minutes, every one a relentless assault of grinding guitar (doubled in the studio to give extra heft), anarchic yet complex drumming, and hoarse, agitated vocals. This is a sound hundreds of bands across the planet are making every day. But even as Wormrot’s songs blur into a single massive assault, they have a punk rock catchiness that some of the more metallic grindcore acts don’t share. They throw curve balls at times, too; “Deceased Occupation” is built on a sludgy, slip-sliding riff Eyehategod wouldn’t turn their noses up at, while “Principle of Puppet Warfare” is pure punk rock slam-fuel. The vocalist has at least three different voices he uses at different times, increasing his impact and presence by changing up his approach. It’s possible to have a favorite Wormrot song, something that can’t be said about the legions of lesser grindcore bands out there. ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi.

If Less Is More Nothing Is Everything By Mcgarry,kate (cd)

*Artist: MCGARRY,KATE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 19-AUG-2008

Classic Judy Garland 1955-1965 By Garland,judy (cd)

Judy Garland fans rank her decade-long association with Capitol Records as her most fruitful. This two-disc set spans each of Garland’s Capitol recordins as well as all of her singles *Artist: GARLAND,JUDY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 24-SEP-2002

Artist Acapelvis Five Voices For The King Vocals Product Type Compact

Attributes: Import-Eu Discs:1 Country:Eu. Country: EU. Label: Part ( PRQT ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 680001. UPC: 4015589001801. Configuration: D: CD. Linder, Christian / Lead vocal Schwarz, Burny / Bass vocal Appich, Hardy / Backround vocal Keller, Stephan / Backround vocal Schramhauser, Markus / Backround vocal AcaPelvis is the first and only band formation in the whole wide world that performs the King’s songs with nothing but their own voices. The five vocalists come from Heidelberg in Germany, and they have all gained many years of live music experience in various bands on stages from Tennessee to Tokyo. They are now looking forward to leaving their instruments at home and presenting some of the King’s mighty tunes to you. Elvis is alive.

Monster Music Anjulie Debut Album HD Surround Sound SuperDisc

Anjulie’s self-titled debut album includes hit singles Boom, Rain, Addicted2Me and The Heat, filmed in high definition Hear Anjulie’s self-titled debut, Anjulie, like you’ve never heard it before. This HDS High Definition Surround Sound SuperDisc mix gives you auditory insights into the singer/songwriter’s musings that you can’t get with stereo mixes. You’ll feel a closer emotional connection than ever before. Anjulie features personally revealing tracks, penned by the up and coming artist, herself, including the club hit, Boom.Includes a SuperDisc, that plays only on DVD players and also includes behind the scenes footage, and the standard stereo mix CD.About the albumRain was featured on The HillsAddicted2Me was featured on The CityBoom was featured on Eastwick, Canada’s Next Top Model, Melrose Place and The Vampire DiariesAbout the artistInfluences include Annie Lennox, Lauryn Hill, U2 and PrinceCo-wrote and worked with Fefe DobsonAnjulie’s work is featured in the production FameNominated for a 2009 MTV Video Music Award for Best Breakthrough Artist in a Music VideoAnjulie toured with Shwayze and Bobby Ray aka BoB and will be touring with Raphael SaadiqShe’s also written for The Philosopher Kings, actress/singer, Emma Roberts as well as superstars, Christina Aguilera and Crunk pioneer Lil Jon.Canadian world-pop singer and songwriterAnjulie remarks:?I think I have something to say lyrically. My background is in songwriting, so I’m really invested in melodies, song structure, and payoff choruses, but on this record, I tried to loosen up and just express myself how I wanted to. I really write for myself. I always tell people if they want to know about me, just listen to my music because I really do put it all out there.?

Monster MPC S202 2C 202 LN Speaker Cable (2-Conductor) 50 ft. MiniBulk Bubble – 15.24 m

MPC S202 2C: High Performance 2 Conductor Speaker Cable High performance speaker cable with patented Monster technology including Magnetic Flux Tube for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget. Special strandings wound around a Magnetic Flux Tube requires less power to carry sound. Innovative LPE TMinsulation reduces signal loss and distortion for impressive clarity and wide dynamic range. Flexible, heavy-duty Duraflex jacket makes cable durable and easy to use. Deliver the Power Your Speakers Need to Reproduce Crystal-Clear, Head-Turning Sound When it comes to experiencing great audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Featuring a large copper conductor surface area, Monster Performance Car 200 Series Speaker Cables deliver the power your speakers need to reproduce the wide dynamic range found in todays audio recordings. An ultra-flat profile design lies flush beneath carpets for a clean installation, while patented Magnetic Flux Tube technology breaks up internal electromagnetic fields for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.