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Bilal Airtight’s Revenge Soul R & B Product Type Compact Disc Domestic

Track Title. 1 Cake & Eat It Too. 2 Restart. 3 All Matter. 4 Flying. 5 Levels. 6 Little One. 7 Move On. 8 Robots. 9 The Dollar. 10 Who Are You. 11 Think It Over. At the major-label department of artist grievances, Bilal can take a number and wait in line until he decomposes. Though his career was placed on a worn path, the fact that he joined the land of the leaked, shelved, and dropped borders on tragic. When he debuted in 2001, he was the one for whom the neo-soul tag seemed most limiting, as he was more ahead of his time than a throwback. Elements of his first album, 1st Born Second — like the bold, otherworldly vocals and askew Mike City and Jay productions — presaged the left-field R&B that bloomed later in the decade. Love for Sale, issued on promo vinyl, filched online by a portion of Bilal s justifiably insatiable following, and subsequently mothballed by Universal, would have been emblematic of that development. Several years later, the singer, songwriter, and keyboardist finds himself on the sympathetic Plug Research, working with Steve McKie (who co-produces seven of 11 songs and is on most of the remainder in some capacity), fellow producers Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra, Nottz, Conley Tone Whitfield, and 88 Keys, and a number of session musicians who lend most of the content a full-band sound. It s hard to listen to his first album for the independent label without imagining the handful of albums he could have released between 2004 and 2009. That is because it is a substantial leap from Love for Sale — halting, even for rabid fans who snapped up each collaboration and compilation track during the nine-year wait for the second commercially released album. Throughout, Bilal simultaneously sounds as if he is singing for his life and does not give a damn about whether he is spared or not, and it sa nonstop non-party.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend By Monroe,marilyn (cd)

*Artist: MONROE,MARILYN *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 9-NOV-2010

Songs Of Faith By O’donnell,daniel (cd)

*Artist: O’DONNELL,DANIEL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 21-SEP-2004

Behringer Eurolive F1220a Monitor Speaker System

How many times have you been in a soundcheck, one finger in your ear, your thumb stabbing the air, trying to get the sound guy to put enough of your vocals in your passive floor monitor. Suddenly, as the band tears into the first tune, you realize all youe re getting from your floor monitor is a muffled, annoying mess?The F1220A is designed to make those experiences little more than mournful memories. This 125-Watt active monitor has its own EQ and volume, so you not only have control of the output, you can also tweak the highs, mids and lows for a sound that gives you a clear, true sense of your sound. Ite sa proven fact that the better you can hear yourself, the better youe ll playe isne t it time you got active?

Dying to Marry

Holly Morrow is shocked to hear about her cousin Lizzie’s sudden wedding to Dylan Dunhill–of the wealthy Dunhills, who simply don’t mix with the wrong-side-of-the-tracks kids like the Morrows. Stranger still, Lizzie has received frightening threats and the bridal party has suffered dangerous near-miss “accidents.” But when Holly learns that her childhood friend Jake Boone is now Dylan’s pal, she knows that everything’s changed–except her attraction to the steady, sexy PI, the only person willing to help her unmask the wedding’s enemy. Jake has loved Holly forever–but when she left Troutville, scraping the dirt of her childhood off her high-heeled boots, he promised himself he would move on. With Holly back in town, however, forgetting the way she makes him feel isn’t easy–and ignoring the violent threats delivered to the wedding party could prove deadly. He’ll have to keep desire at arm’s length to keep his wits about him–and unmask a killer before his friend’s marriage leads to brutal murder.

Sound tracks

From ambient music to “Dixie” and Zulu Nation, from Sonny Rollins to the Beastie Boys and Elvis’s tailor, Sound Tracks quick-shuttles like a jukebox on Saturday night. Alphabetically ordered, this collection of pithy definitions and extended meditations most resembles a boxed set of anthologized sounds compiled by an omnivore of music.Spinning off from the “Definition of Sound” column he wrote for Pulse! magazine, Michael Jarrett mixes astute music criticism, an engaging writing style, and a wicked sense of humor to produce three alphabets that will provoke readers to rethink all sorts of popular music. Inventive and whimsical, these small essays coalesce around a serious purpose-writing about contemporary culture in a way that is meaningful to electronic-age readers and listeners.Take, for example, the entry on ambient music: like all of the entries in the book, it is preceded by evocative album art and followed by lists of readings and recordings that amplify the definition; this one lists related videos as well. But it also presents an interview with Carla Bley and Steve Swallow on the influential music of Erik Satie. Under the ls, producer George Avakian talks about how the technology that made LPs possible changed the music industry, and Pat Metheny talks about the challenges of sequencing an LP from a musician’s point of view. The entry for Carol (as in traditional songs for Christmas and the Middle Age dance craze) opens into a riff on cultural roots and survivals that invokes Chuck Berry’s classic song.Whether it is read start to finish or sampled, Sound Tracks is a book that music lovers and students of contemporary culture will applaud.