Dying to Marry

Holly Morrow is shocked to hear about her cousin Lizzie’s sudden wedding to Dylan Dunhill–of the wealthy Dunhills, who simply don’t mix with the wrong-side-of-the-tracks kids like the Morrows. Stranger still, Lizzie has received frightening threats and the bridal party has suffered dangerous near-miss “accidents.” But when Holly learns that her childhood friend Jake Boone is now Dylan’s pal, she knows that everything’s changed–except her attraction to the steady, sexy PI, the only person willing to help her unmask the wedding’s enemy. Jake has loved Holly forever–but when she left Troutville, scraping the dirt of her childhood off her high-heeled boots, he promised himself he would move on. With Holly back in town, however, forgetting the way she makes him feel isn’t easy–and ignoring the violent threats delivered to the wedding party could prove deadly. He’ll have to keep desire at arm’s length to keep his wits about him–and unmask a killer before his friend’s marriage leads to brutal murder.

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