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Polk Audio Rm6751 Satellite Speaker Single, Black

The Polk RM6751 satellite speaker accommodates listeners who want to add a channel or two to their existing 5.1-channel surround sound speaker system. Specifically designed for Polk’s RM6750 setup–which itself comes with four satellites, a center speaker, and a subwoofer–the satellite helps fill out the rear effects, creating a true top-of-the-line home theater compatible with the latest surround encoding formats. Each RM6751 speaker is equipped with a 3.25-inch polymer composite cone midrange driver that’s lightweight and efficient, along with a high-performance 0.5-inch silk dome tweeter. Combined, the drivers create a clear, distortion-free midrange and smooth highs. The speaker also employs the same PowerPort bass vent technology used in Polk’s line of full-sized speakers, thus improving the lower midrange response. The result is a midrange with no “hole” between the satellite and the sub frequencies, helping male vocals sound rich and full rather than thin and weak as with most other sub/sat systems . Meanwhile, the satellite’s integrated baffle and grille design allows for maximum sound dispersion and minimum diffraction, letting everyone in the room hear the same clear, well-balanced audio. The speaker is housed within a mineral-filled, non-resonant, black-finished polypropylene enclosure that not only sounds natural, but also looks great. To top it off, the speaker includes an integrated keyhole slot-mounting bracket for effortless wall mounting. And because the speaker is magnetically shielded, you can locate the speaker near the TV without suffering from video interference. The speaker measures 4.06 by 6.5 by 5 inches W x H x D and is backed by a five-year warranty. What’s in the Box RM6751 satellite speaker, mounting bracket, user’s manual.

Centenary Tribute:songs From 1930-53 By Baker,josephine (cd)

*Artist: BAKER,JOSEPHINE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 14-MAR-2006

Hope And Praise By O’donnell,daniel (cd)

*Artist: O’DONNELL,DANIEL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 2-JUN-2009

Ovation Idea Cc54i Mid-depth Bowl Acoustic-electric Guitar W/mp3

The Ovation iDea is the first and only guitar of its kind, featuring a built-in MP3 recorder/player. The simple and direct recording control makes it easy to record entire songs or fragments, even vocals and commentary.

Producing great sound for digital video

Producing Great Sound for Digital Video is a complete audio training guide as well as a quick problem-solving resource for the working pro. The author explains hundreds of real-world techniques to use from preproduction through the final mix. Readers get how-tos, tips, and time-savers, plus tutorials on key skills such as dialogue and music editing. This edition features deeper coverage of location techniques, including choosing the right mic, in-camera sound recording, getting sound into the camera cleanly, calibrating the camera to location sound equipment, working with mic booms, using separate recorders, and digital wireless. It also includes updates on working techniques, including new software categories for postproduction and new interchange standards. Producing Great Sound for Digital Video is packed with hundreds of real-world techniques that range from pre-production through the final mix–including tutorials, tips, and tricks to make great tracks with any computer or software.

Sound images of the ocean in research and monitoring

Sound Images of the Ocean is the first book of its kind which offers a comprehensive overview of acoustic imaging applications in the various fields of marine research, utilization, surveillance, and protection. The book employs 400 sound images of the sea floor and of processes in the sea volume, contributed by more than 120 marine experts from 22 nations. Written to be accessible to professionals in diverse related fields, the concise accompanying explanations of the complex relationships revealed by the images strive to condense the results to an essential “message.” The book develops an interdisciplinary understanding of underwater acoustics and its diagnostic capabilities in order to visualize in detail the two thirds of the surface of the globe otherwise hidden from view. The high resolution but ship dependent acoustic imagery is compared with its satellite dependent counterpart, the large scale sea floor imagery by scanning the gravity deformed sea surface. The CD included with the book enables users to rotate zoom into relief globe, as well as, into selected large sound images. It also contains animations and underwater flights and sound tracks.