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Dinostars! – A Musical Variety Show For Young Singers

They sing – they dance – they’ll make you laugh if you give them a chance! Here come the Dinostars – taking the stage to entertain you with heroic and Mesozoic acts of fun! With Raptors who rap, stand-up comedians, and even Tyrannosaurus Tex and his gang of line-dancing dinosaurs, our panel of judges have a big job ahead of them! Young performers in the primary grades will love their time in the spotlight with this entertaining 20-minute musical featuring five original songs in a variety of musical styles, clever rhyming dialog with over 35 speaking parts easily adaptable to casts of varying sizes, simple movement and production tips to help stage a successful performance, even when time is limited. Let’s get on with the show! Available: Teacher Edition, Reproducible Pak (vocals, lyric sheets, dialog), Preview CD (with vocals), Preview Pak (1 Preview CD and sample pages), Performance/Accompaniment CD, and Classroom Kit (Teacher, Reproducible Pak, P/A CD). Duration: ca. 20 minutes. Sugg

Ye Me Le By Mendes,sergio (cd)

*Artist: MENDES,SERGIO *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 26-SEP-2006

Very Best Of Nat King Cole By Cole,nat King (cd)

*Artist: COLE,NAT KING *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 2-MAY-2006

Steelseries Siberia Neckband Headset Apple 51105

SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset for Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The soundscape has been optimized to reproduce crisp highs, crystal clear vocals and deep, balanced bass levels for an impressive set of cans. Answer calls, change volume, fast and ea

Introducing Reason 4

Break Into Today’s Music SceneElectronic musicians, rockers, rappers, and regular folks use Reason virtual studio software to create and self-record studio-quality music on PCs and Macs. “Introducing Reason 4” shows you how to harness all the tools of this popular package to produce your own professional sound.Veteran studio engineer and professional musician Cliff Truesdell explains everything you need to get going–from Reason’s full array of virtual instruments, effects, and functions to priceless inside-the-studio insights and tips you can use to start creating original pieces right away. You’ll also come away with useful skills you can apply in any studio session, whether digital or analog.Take a tour of Reason’s interface, instruments, and effectsRecord and sequence complete drum tracks with the Redrum drum samplerUse Reason’s NN-XT and NN-19 samplers to create instruments from any original sound source you wishGet a close-up look at each of Reason’s synthesizers, including how they can be used to create and shape a limitless range of soundsBlend loops, effects, and samples–then mix and export your resultsTake advantage of Reason’s incredible routing options to create your own original combinations of instruments and effectsLearn about MIDI recording and how Reason uses MIDI to create and sequence performancesExplore new devices such as the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, the ReGroove mixer, and the RPG-8 monophonic arpeggiator

Wagner without fear

Do you cringe when your opera-loving friends start raving about the latest production of Tristan? Do you feel faint just thinking about the six-hour performance of Parsifal you were given tickets to? Does your mate accuse you of having a Tannhauser complex? If you’re baffled by the behavior of Wagner worshipers, if you’ve longed to fathom the mysteries of Wagner’s ever-increasing popularity, or if you just want to better understand and enjoy the performances you’re attending, you’ll find this delightful book indispensable. William Berger is the most helpful guide one could hope to find for navigating the strange and beautiful world of the most controversial artist who ever lived. He tells you all you need to know to become a true Wagnerite–from story lines to historical background; from when to visit the rest room to how to sound smart during intermission; from the Jewish legend that possibly inspired Lohengrin to the tragic death of the first Tristan. Funny, informative, and always a pleasure to read,Wagner Without Fearproves that the art of Wagner can be accessible to everyone. Includes: – The strange life of Richard Wagner–German patriot (and exile), friend (and enemy) of Liszt and Nietzsche – Essential opera lore and “lobby talk” – A scene-by-scene analysis of each opera – What to listen for to get the most from the music – Recommended recordings, films, and sound tracks