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Shure Beta 58a Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Consistently excellent performance has made Beta microphones the choice of top performers worldwide. Renowned for their warmth, presence and sensitivity to fine detail, Beta cartridge configurations and carefully tailored response curves are as distinctive as the artists who prefer them. All models feature maximum isolation and minimum off-axis coloration. The Shure Beta 58A& 174; is a high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It has become a leading choice among vocalists and touring professionals worldwide. The Beta 58A maintains a true supercardioid pattern throughout its frequency range. This insures high gain before feedback, maximum isolation from other sound sources, and minimum off-axis tone coloration. The Beta 58A has a shaped frequency response that is ideal for close& 150;up vocals. The superb performance of this microphone is not affected by rough handling because of its rugged construction, proven shock mount system, and hardened steel mesh grille. Feature List Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off& 150;axis sound Neodymium magnet for high signal& 150;to& 150;noise output Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration Minimally effected by varying load impedance Legendary Shure quality and reliability

Reflections Of Rosemary By Boone,debby (cd)

*Artist: BOONE,DEBBY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 26-APR-2005

Best Of Peggy Lee By Lee,peggy (cd)

*Artist: LEE,PEGGY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 18-NOV-1997

Audio Technica Mb3k/c Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Extended Frequency Response Specifically Developed To Capture Lead, Backup, & Choral Vocals; 15-ft Cable

UBI Soft Just Dance: Summer Hits for Nintendo Wii

Beat the heat this summer with Just Dance Summer Party, a limited edition SKU with over 20 more tracks, including hit songs from Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Estelle featuring Kanye West. Just Dance Summer Party is the answer to Just Dance fans who don’t have the capability to download content.More dance hitsJust dance to over 20 more tracks. With a variety of genres and hits from different eras, everyone will find something to dance to! Bust a move to today’s chart-toppers. Throw the hot party of the summerJust Dance Summer Party features even more sizzling dance moves to choreograph by real experts in every style of music, including rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, Latin and more!. Dance crew face-offsCreate your own four-person crew and compete in dance-off contests against friends. Up to eight players can compete!. Dance duetsHilarious duets allow you to interact with your partner with 2-part choreographies!. Keeps the party going party modeLets you and your friends lose yourself in the music! No navigating through menus, no need to stop to select the next song!. Dance your booty offA workout in disguise, Just Dance Summer Party keeps you motivated as you burn calories! While dancing, turn on the just dance sweat meter and watch those calories disappear as you meet your preset daily or weekly objectives!. Too shy to dance, but love to singAll tracks provide song lyrics on-screen. So even if you don’t score points with your voice, you’re sure to score some with the crowd!.

Urban Green

For years American urban parks fell into decay due to disinvestment, but as cities began to rebound?and evidence of the economic, cultural, and health benefits of parks grew? investment in urban parks swelled. The US Conference of Mayors recently cited meeting the growing demand for parks and open space as one of the biggest challenges for urban leaders today. It is now widely agreed that the US needs an ambitious and creative plan to increase urban parklands. Urban Green explores new and innovative ways for ?built out? cities to add much-needed parks. Peter Harnik first explores the question of why urban parkland is needed and then looks at ways to determine how much is possible and where park investment should go. When presenting the ideas and examples for parkland, he also recommends political practices that help create parks. The book offers many practical solutions, from reusing the land under defunct factories to sharing schoolyards, from building trails on abandoned tracks to planting community gardens, from decking parks over highways to allowing more activities in cemeteries, from eliminating parking lots to uncovering buried streams, and more. No strategy alone is perfect, and each has its own set of realities. But collectively they suggest a path toward making modern cities more beautiful, more sociable, more fun, more ecologically sound, and more successful.