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Omnidirectional Lavalier System Includes Mke2-60 Gold Mzq222-a K6

The Sennheiser MKE 2 is a professional miniature lavalier microphone and an industry favorite among field audio engineers broadcast engineers and film crews. With a wide frequency and high sensitivity response the MKE 2 lavalier is developed for crucial audio reproduction of vocals and instruments. It’s omni-directional polar pattern provides an even frequency response throughout the perimeter of the microphone. The result minimizes handling noise caused by clothing while providing accurate transparent audio fidelity without noise. The MKE 2 is widely favored for it’s superior audio quality and miniature profile. The sub-miniature yet durable design enables the microphone to be used in stage performances video shoots film shoots or anywhere an unobtrusive microphone is necessary. The microphone features various terminations to accomodate wireless transmitters and connectors.

Very Best Of :excellent Adventure By Jarreau,al (cd)

*Artist: JARREAU,AL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 29-SEP-2009

Closer By Groban,josh (cd)

*Artist: GROBAN,JOSH *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 11-NOV-2003

Auria Pro1000k1r1 Provoke Earphones, Red

Features: Innovative XFit system keeps earphones comfortably in place even during rigorous activities. Custom-designed speakers deliver sweet vocals and heart-thumping bass. 4 sizes of ECO (Ear Canal Opening) rings work to fit individual ears. Super soft, Tangle-resistant cables. 2 pairs of swappable Personalizers included.

Monster Turbine Pro Gold Professional In-Ear Headphones Speakers

MH TRB-P IE GLD – All metal construction, deep tight bass, ultra-wide range driver, sound isolating eartips Pro speaker design with low mass, ultra-wide bandwidth driver for superior accuracy.All-metal construction cancels unwanted resonance for pure sound.Pro Sound Supertip with advanced construction provides maximum sound isolation.Pro strain relief: rugged construction withstands heavy duty use.MicroStrand conductors with ultra-low impedance for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction.Engineered For Pros And The Audio ObsessedTurbine Pros are designed by audio fanatics for audio fanatics. Professional audio engineers and demanding audiophiles know attaining perfect sound reproduction doesn’t matter a little — it’s all that matters.That’s why Monster brings you a higher level music listening experience with Turbine Pro professional in-ear speakers. You’ll get the clarity, detail and dynamic range of the finest studio monitors or audiophile reference loudspeakers. You’ll rediscover your favorite music as you hear things that you didn’t even know were there.Bass So Deep, It Sounds Like A Subwoofer In Your EarsReproducing deep, tight bass is a challenge even for the best loudspeakers and subwoofers. Listen to your most demanding bass tracks with Turbine Pro and you’ll hear what we mean.Music To Your EarsThe deep rhythm of hip hop. The intimacy of a jazz trio. The thunderous power of a full-scale orchestra. Turbine Pro does it all. Instruments sound alive, and vocals smooth and natural.Being a Pro is in the DetailsMonster Turbine Pros deliver a level of crispness and definition of sound that can only be achieved when every detail is taken into account. The ultra-wide range driver is housed in a high-density metal casing that absorbs unwanted vibration, providing an inert, non-resonant acoustic chamber.The result is flawless bass and absolute audio precision. Even the cable is special, with MicroStrand conductors and Monster’s patented Magnetic FluxTube to cleanly transfer every sonic detail.Noise Isolation for Pro AudioProfessional listening, like recording or mastering, demands not only accuracy, but a high level of sound isolation.You’ll find multiple sizes of advanced eartip designs to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your ear, providing a seal that ensures there’s be nothing between you and your music.And for travelers, listening on an airplane is like being in the quiet of a recording studio.Your Search for Audio Perfection is OverLike you, the audio pros at Monster are driven by the need for unmatched audio performance. To ensure that Monster Turbine Pros deliver professional levels of sonic accuracy and durability, Monster’s audio pros engineered them to be the type of in-ear speaker that they’d want.

Audio Postproduction for Film and Video

New to this edition:* Learn how many Hollywood techniques–previously impractical on video–can help solve problems on smaller productions* Expanded cookbook recipes section* Technically updated throughoutMake your soundtracks as good as your pictures with this compendium of professional audio techniques that can be adapted to desktop post. Specializing in sound after the shoot, this book features many practical examples, cookbook recipes, and tutorials. Audio theory, when necessary, is presented in plain English with plenty of visual analogies.FAQs, full explanations, and from-the-trenches tips address the complete range of processes from wiring and hardware to testing the final mix. The one-hour audio CD features platform-independent diagnostics, demonstrations, and tutorial tracks. Novices will learn how to improve their soundtrack–even after the actors have gone home. Experienced producers will learn how to solve technical and creative problems quickly.You’ll get recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to:* build an efficient and reliable audio post setup* plan and budget a good soundtrack* get sound into your NLE without losing quality or sync* edit voices and music* record Foley and ADR* find music and use it effectively* find and create your own sound effects* shape sounds with equalization, reverb, noise reduction, and more* produce the final mix* test the final product for various media* Popular DV Magazine columnist Jay Rose makes it easy to improve your soundtrack* Includes “cookbook recipes”–step-by-step solutions for common audio processing operations* One-hour audio CD includes platform-independent diagnostics, demonstrations, and tutorial tracks to load into your NLE