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Mke2 Gold Series Omni-directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone With

The Sennheiser MKE 2 is a professional miniature lavalier microphone and an industry favorite among field audio engineers broadcast engineers and film crews. With a wide frequency and high sensitivity response the MKE 2 lavalier is developed for crucial audio reproduction of vocals and instruments. It’s omni-directional polar pattern provides an even frequency response throughout the perimeter of the microphone. The result minimizes handling noise caused by clothing while providing accurate transparent audio fidelity without noise. The MKE 2 is widely favored for it’s superior audio quality and miniature profile. The sub-miniature yet durable design enables the microphone to be used in stage performances video shoots film shoots or anywhere an unobtrusive microphone is necessary. The microphone features various terminations to accomodate wireless transmitters and connectors.

Capitol Collectors Series By Andrews Sisters (cd)

*Artist: ANDREWS SISTERS *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 20-OCT-1998

Classic Songs My Way By Anka,paul (cd)

*Artist: ANKA,PAUL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 28-AUG-2007

Sennheiser Ew 335 G3 Wireless Handheld Microphone System Uhf

Sennheiser ew 335 G3-G Wireless Handheld Microphone System. Power with control: this system not only ensures vocals cut through, but also provides the user with a programmable mute button on the mic.


A hybrid of reggae and rap, reggaeton is a music with Spanish-language lyrics and Caribbean aesthetics that has taken Latin America, the United States, and the world by storm. Superstars?including Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and Ivy Queen?garner international attention, while aspiring performers use digital technologies to create and circulate their own tracks. Reggaeton brings together critical assessments of this wildly popular genre. Journalists, scholars, and artists delve into reggaeton’s local roots and its transnational dissemination; they parse the genre’s aesthetics, particularly in relation to those of hip-hop; and they explore the debates about race, nation, gender, and sexuality generated by the music and its associated cultural practices, from dance to fashion.The collection opens with an in-depth exploration of the social and sonic currents that coalesced into reggaeton in Puerto Rico during the 1990s. Contributors consider reggaeton in relation to that island, Panama, Jamaica, and New York; Cuban society, Miami’s hip-hop scene, and Dominican identity; and other genres including reggae en espa?ol, underground, and dancehall reggae. The reggaeton artist Tego Calder?n provides a powerful indictment of racism in Latin America, while the hip-hop artist Welmo Romero Joseph discusses the development of reggaeton in Puerto Rico and his refusal to embrace the upstart genre. The collection features interviews with the DJ/rapper El General and the reggae performer Renato, as well as a translation of ?Chamaco’s Corner,? the poem that served as the introduction to Daddy Yankee’s debut album. Among the volume’s striking images are photographs from Miguel Luciano’s series Pure Plantainum, a meditation on identity politics in the bling-bling era, and photos taken by the reggaeton videographer Kacho L?pez during the making of the documentary Bling’d: Blood, Diamonds, and Hip-Hop.Contributors. Geoff Baker, Tego Calder?n, Carolina Caycedo, Jose Davila, Jan Fairley, Juan Flores, Gallego (Jos? Ra?l Gonz?lez), F?lix Jim?nez, Kacho L?pez, Miguel Luciano, Wayne Marshall, Frances Negr?n-Muntaner, Alfredo Nieves Moreno, Ifeoma CK Nwankwo, Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Raquel Z. Rivera, Welmo Romero Joseph, Christoph Twickel, Alexandra T. Vazquez

RDL Stereo Automatic Level Control

Ideal in applications where consistent audio level is needed from stereo sources with varying output, such as multiple CD changers, satellite or broadcast television receivers. It maintains consistent -10dBv output for input signal variations as great as 25dB. Because the mid and high band audio frequencies are controlled separately, the level pumping effect, often associated with automatic gain and compression, is minimized. The AGC and compression attack release times adjust according to the program material to further reduce any audible effects of the module. Additionally, when audio levels fall, and remain below a level appropriate to that source, the module stops increasing the gain. As audio levels fade out, the module tracks the level for a natural sound. These features combine to produce nearly inaudible adjustment yet consistent levels without the listener fatigue associated heavily compressed music dynamics. Input and outputs are line level, 10Kohm unbalanced. All connections