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Mke2-60 – Omni-directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone (black)

The Sennheiser MKE 2 is a professional miniature lavalier microphone and an industry favorite among field audio engineers broadcast engineers and film crews. With a wide frequency and high sensitivity response the MKE 2 lavalier is developed for crucial audio reproduction of vocals and instruments. It’s omni-directional polar pattern provides an even frequency response throughout the perimeter of the microphone. The result minimizes handling noise caused by clothing while providing accurate transparent audio fidelity without noise. The MKE 2 is widely favored for it’s superior audio quality and miniature profile. The sub-miniature yet durable design enables the microphone to be used in stage performances video shoots film shoots or anywhere an unobtrusive microphone is necessary. The microphone features various terminations to accomodate wireless transmitters and connectors.

Artist Black Eyed Peas Energy Never Dies Rock Pop Rap Hip Hop Product

Track Title. 1 Boom Boom Pow. 2 Rock That Body. 3 Meet Me Halfway. 4 Imma Be. 5 I Gotta Feeling. 6 Alive. 7 Missing You. 8 Ringa-A-Ling. 9 Party All The Time. 10 Out Of My Head. 11 Electric City. 12 Showdown. 13 Now Generation. 14 One Tribe. 15 Rockin’ To The Beat. The Black Eyed Peas make effective pop/crossover music, but with all the limitations of the form — vapid lyrics, clumsy delivery, vocals smoothed over by Auto-Tune, and songwriting that constantly strains for (and reaches) the lowest common denominator. Led by will.i.am’s production, which is continually the best thing about the album, the Black Eyed Peas move even farther away from hip-hop into the type of blandly inspirational dance-pop that has become ripe for advertising and marketing opportunities. The END (Energy Never Dies) certainly won’t change the minds of everyone who thinks that the group’s pandering approach and clumsy execution make it the worst thing about pop music in the 2000s. ~ John Bush, Rovi.

At Last By Paul,jaimee (cd)

*Artist: PAUL,JAIMEE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 27-JAN-2009

Pinnacle Full Height Non-sound Lectern – Finish: Maple

AMV1053: Features: -Lightweight, safe and quick to Transport.-Durable Hard Shell Plastic holds Up Under Tough Use And its aesthetically pleasing.-Electret Gooseneck Microphone picks up vocals with absolute clarity and richness.-Made of Recycled materials.-Minimize Damage with Rounded Corners.-Interchangeable Inserts Match any Decor with Just One Lectern.-Large Convenient Storage Shelf for notes, water or equipment.-Wireless Model with SW225 has Dual Wireless Capability allows for two Wireless Presenters to speak simultaneously with optional Wireless Mic kits.-Auxiliary input stereo jack for a tape recorder, CD player or LCD computer projector.-Three mic inputs (dynamic, condenser with power phantom, WIRELESS) can be use at the same time.-Two wireless jacks – each can drive 4 to 6 ohm speaker loads.-Standby mode when jack is empty reduces power drain and prolongs battery life. Options: -Available in Select Cherry, Maple, Medium Oak, Mahogany finishes. Dimensions: -Overall Dimensions: 46” H x 26” W x 24” D. Warranty: -6 Year Warranty.

Windows XP digital music for dummies

Now you can give new meaning to the description ?High-performance computer!? And you can even choose the performers?Elvis or Elton, the Beatles or Beethoven, Eminem or Englebert, Pfish or Pavarotti. Your Windows XP is like a concert hall, and Windows XP Digital Music For Dummies is just the ticket to get you in and get you enjoying digital music. It will help you get in tune with the times with note-by-note information on: Setting up your computer to handle music Using Windows Media Player that’s part of the XP package Making your computer the centerpiece of your music collection Shopping for and downloading music from Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody, and more internet sites Selecting the hardware, software, and audio tools you need Written by Ryan Williams, an accomplished musician with an MS in Music Technology who develops digital multimedia tools, this guide helps you explore: Transferring your CDs or even vinyl records (if you have them, you know what they are) to the realm of your computer Choosing and using portable audio players Upgrading your PC and turning it into a jukebox with your all-time favorite hits Organizing and burning your music to disc for use in other types of devices, like traditional CD or DVD players Souping up your computer and making it a virtual studio Laying down basic tracks and mixing them Taking the finished product to disk, the Internet, and elsewhere Hear what you’ve been missing. With Windows XP Digital Music For Dummies, you and your Windows XP can make beautiful (or raucous, harmonious, hip-hop, rousing, jazzy, inspiring?whatever your taste) digital music together!

Dog Off Pro Series

KOO1093: Train your dog safely and effectively with new proseries dog off. This handheld product has been designed to release an ultrasonic wave that is audible to dogs. The ultrasonic sound emitted by dog off gets a dog’s attention and helps stop them in their tracks. The sound is irritating to dogs, but it’s inaudible to humans. proseries dog off is an excellent tool for personally training your dog away from bad habits at home or outside, and is also handy for joggers, delivery people and meter readers.No more dogs digging through your trash or tearing up your garden! Teach your dog what furniture they are not allowed on simply with the push of a button! Use the same way outside for any corrective action on your dog, or use as a defensive measure against an attacking dog by holding the button down and aiming directly at the approaching dog. The closer the attacking dog gets; the louder the ultrasonic siren gets! ProSeries dog off also features a built-in mini flashlight for evening use, as well as a personal security alarm that features a 120 dB audible siren with the push of a button. Features: -Dog training device. -Dog off button for ultrasonic corrective training inaudible to humans. -Personal safety alarm button emits a 120 db audible siren. -Handy built-in flashlight for evening use. -Ergonomic, attractive and sporty design clips on belt or fits hand comfortably. -Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included). -Koolatron provides a 90 day warranty. -Overall dimensions: 3.8″ H x 2.6″ W x 1.7″ D. For more information on this product please view the Manual Sheet(s) below: Dog training device Manual sheet Weight:0.54 lbs