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Blackbox I10 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones For Ipod

i10 earphones attach to the iPod via Apple’s 30 pin dock connector and deliver an enthralling sound experience with deep bass, clear vocals and natural highs. Disturbing background noise is almost entirely eliminated by world leading Active Noise RejectionTM technology from Phitek Systems. Fully featured, i10 earphones include integrated monitor and volume functions and come equipped with leather carry case and additional ear buds to ensure the perfect fit. i10 earphones provide the ultimate upgrade path for iPod users keen to improve sound quality and comfort.

Band Hero – PS3 – PS3 Games

Game software only!This November, family and friends will come together to ascend the virtual stage and rock theirway to superstardom with Band Hero.Brought to you by the makers of Guitar Hero, one of the best-selling video game franchises ofall time, Band Hero features the hottest chart-topping hits from everyone s favorite acts,including Taylor Swift, No Doubt, Lily Allen, The All-American Rejects and Jackson 5. Headlinedby some of the biggest names in music as in-game artists and playable characters, Band Hero isthe ultimate party game where players of all ages will be able to experience the signature,easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master Guitar Hero gameplay. Band Hero allows fans to create theband they always dreamed of using any combination of guitar or drum controllers and vocals,providing rockers and performers of all ages the chance to experience and interact with theirfavorite music.

Best Of Donny Osmond By Osmond,donny (cd)

*Artist: OSMOND,DONNY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 17-MAY-1994

Duet2 2 In X 4 Out Usb Audio Interface For Mac

Turn your Mac into a professional recording studioDuet 2 is the best solution for capturing your music to your Mac. With Duet 2, make studio quality recordings of vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and anything musical. And because Duet 2 is portable you can take it anywhere your creativity takes you. When it’s time to mix, Duet 2’s output quality lets you hear your recordings with incredible detail and dimension allowing you to put the finishing touches on your musical project like a pro. Duet 2 sounds so amazing you won t want to listen to your iTunes library without it.

Monster MPC I202 2C 202 LN Audio Interconnect (2-Channel) 2 Channel Audio Interconnect – .5 m

MPC I202 2C: High performance Audio Interconnect Cable – 2 Channel Audio Interconnect LN technology with up to 40 dB of noise rejection. Duraflex outer jacket is strong but wont snag during installation. 4-cut Turbine Stubby connectors. 24k gold plated contacts. Unleash Your Systems Potential with High Performance, Head-Turning Sound Getting great audio in your car requires more than just quality components. The cables you use to connect them can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turn heads. Featuring patented Monster technologies, Monster 200 Series Audio Interconnects deliver clean, high performance audio that brings your favorite muisc to life. Patented Bandwidth Balance construction optomizes signal strength for smooth, balanced audio reproduction, while patented Low Noise construction provides up to 50dB noise rejection for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.