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Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Vocal Microphone 3 Pack

The Sennheiser e835 Dynamic Vocal Microphone; A top selling mic for lead vocals The e835 is a quality vocal mic with performance and build characteristics never before available at this price. The e835 utilizes a cardioid pick-up pattern providing good signal isolation and feedback rejection, enabling higher sound levels to be obtained. Metal construction and internal shock-mount system minimizes handling noise. Designed as a lead vocal stage mic, the e853 performs under pressure. Available here in two separate packages: A mic, cable and stand package that includes a tripod boom stand and 21ft mic cable. – or – A 3 microphone package that offers 3 e835s with great savings. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect provides consistently clear bass end performance when singing closer to or further from capsule.

Artist Dissection Storm Of The Light’s Bane Rock Pop Music Heavy

Release Date: 27 June 2006. Attributes: Discs:1. Label: The End Records ( ENDB ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 73. UPC: 654436007326. Configuration: D: CD. On their final full-length album, Dissection further refine their brand of icy black/death metal with impressive and frightening results. The guitars, with their gloomy minor-key riffs and intentionally blurred tones, feel like a cold wind on the permafrost. The drums are speedy, intricate, and precise, while frontman Jon N dtveidt’s vocals — delivered in an evil, mid-range rasp — top off what amounts to just a nightmarishly dark sound. To put it another way, very few bands could get away with an album cover that depicts the Grim Reaper riding across the snow on a black horse while holding a scythe and an hourglass; Dissection is one of them. The songs themselves (six of them, excluding the guitars-only intro and the pseudo-classical piano outro) are all expertly crafted mini-epics. There is a strong sense of thematic unity tying each song’s various riffs and sections together, and the soaring, darkly majestic guitar melodies are consistently memorable. Sure, there is a little bit of melodrama here, but Dissection is most certainly on top of their game, and Storm of the Light’s Bane is deservedly hailed as a landmark in the melodic black/death metal genre.

New Standard By Tyrell,steve (cd)

*Artist: TYRELL,STEVE *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 21-SEP-1999

Bing Crosby Icon Product Type Compact Disc Perfect Vocal Classic

Artist: Bing Crosby. Title: Icon. Genre: Vocals. Sub-Genre: Vocal. Release Date: 21 June 2011. Attributes: ~ Discs:1. Label: Umgd/Mca ( MCA1 ). Product Type: Compact Disc.

Monster MPC I204 4C 204 LN Audio Interconnect (4-Channel) 3 m / 9.84 ft

MPC I204 4C: High Performance Audio Interconnect Cable – 4 Channel Audio Interconnect LN technology with up to 40 dB of noise rejection. Duraflex outer jacket is strong but wont snag during installation. 4-cut Turbine Stubby connectors. 24k gold plated contacts. Unleash Your System’s Potential with High Performance, Head-Turning Sound Getting great audio in your car requires more than just quality components. The cables you use to connect them can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turn heads. Featuring patented Monster technologies, Monster 200 Series Audio Interconnects deliver clean, high performance audio that brings your favorite muisc to life. Patented Bandwidth Balanced construction optomizes signal strength for smooth, balanced audio reproduction, while patented Low Noise construction provides up to 50dB noise rejection for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.