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Usb Dynamic Recording Mic

USB Dynamic Recording MicCad Usb Dynamic Recordng Micnic MicRecord Studio-Quality Audio Directly Onto PcDynamic Microphone Element Designed For Vocals And InstrumentsPodcast Or Record MusicMac And Windows CompatibleIncludes Desktop Microphone Stand, Microphone Clip And 10′ Usb Cable” Case Pack 1ADDITIONAL DETAILS :As we rotate stock, everything with an expiration date will have at least a 2 year shelf life (unless otherwise specified)nullSKU:487835SKU:ET7480753

Artist Ulver Nattens Madrigal Rock Pop Heavy Metal Compact Disc

Track Title. 1 I.2 Ii.3 Iii.4 Iv.5 V.6 Vi.7 Vii.8 Viii. Nattens Madrigal (Madrigal of the Night) purports to be a concept album about wolves, the night, the moon, and the dark side of mankind, but it’s difficult to tell, partly because the album was allegedly recorded outdoors in a forest. But even without the resulting sound quality, Ulver’s music is so fast and ferocious and the vocals so garbled (and in Norwegian, at that) that it’s best just to take the sheer sonic force as reflecting the band’s concept, rather than trying to piece it all together. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide.

Things Are Swingin By Lee,peggy (cd)

*Artist: LEE,PEGGY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 20-APR-2004

Shure Pgx2/beta58 With Beta 58a Supercardiod Microphone, J6

The Beta 58A microphone accentuates the warmth and clarity of lead and backup vocals. Its supercardioid design provides maximum isolation from other onstage sounds. The PGX2 Handheld Transmitter has automatic Transmitter Setup and Multi-function LED Indic

Denon DBP-1611UD Universal Blu-ray Player

Universal Blu-ray, DVD, CD Player, Audiophile Sound Quality, ‘Universal’ Disc Playback ‘Universal’ Disc PlaybackDenon’s ‘Universal’ disc playback technology provides playback of virtually all popular disc formats, including high definition Blu-ray discs, as well as DVD-Audio and SACD high resolution stereo and multi-channel music format discs, along with DVD-Video and music CD playback. Audiophiles and videophiles with large disc libraries will surely appreciate the wide variety of disc playback capabilities that the DBP-1611UD provides. 3D-Ready Via Firmware SolutionPrepared for the future, the DBP-1611UD features built-in readiness for 3D Blu-ray disc playback, to be activated via a simple firmware solution that is now available. Built-in Video, Audio And Photo StreamingVia the LAN port, the DBP-1611UD connects to your multimedia home PC and lets you watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite audio tracks and even view your favorite photos. The DBP-1611UD also supportsmovie and video streaming from the internet, withNetflix(subscription required) and YouTube (available via firmware update Spring 2011). Audiophile Sound QualityFor optimum audio quality, the DBP-1611UD is equipped with the latest specification HDMI output, along with coaxial digital output, and an audiophile stereo output that features premium Burr-Brown PCM-1781 24 bit/192 kHz D/A converters. For multi-channel SACD compatibility, the DBP-1611UD provides stereo mix down along with bass management via the analog stereo outputs