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Monkees Changes Original Recording Masters Product Type Compact Disc

Attributes: Discs:1. Label: Friday Music ( FRIM ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Calling their final album Changes made sense for the Monkees. Mike Nesmith had just departed, leaving only Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones to hold down the fort. The other big change was that after years of struggling to have their voices as songwriters and musicians heard, the remaining duo basically gave up and let the producers take over. The musical reigns were given to legendary producer Jeff Barry (who had just come from a huge success with the Archies), and he and his cronies like Bobby Bloom wrote and performed the songs. Apart from one track written by Dolenz (the goofy country-rock novelty “Midnight Train”), the Monkees were on hand to provide vocals only. While this could be seen as some kind of defeat and the end of the Monkees as an actual rock band, Changes ended up being a very good bubblegum record. Barry s production is light and frothy, the songs are hooky and fun, and both Dolenz and Jones perform admirably, given the likely, somewhat humiliating situation. There are songs that rock harder than you d expect (“99 Pounds,” “Oh My My”), very sweet ballads (the gospelly “Tell My Love” and “You re So Good to Me”), silly novelty songs (“I Love You Better”), a fun, tropical-themed love song (“Acapulco Sun”), and even a vaudeville-y Boyce & Hart number tacked on the end of the album (“I Never Thought It Peculiar”). There are even a couple songs that might make a discerning fan s homemade best-of comp, namely the achingly pretty Dolenz-sung ballad “Ticket on a Ferry Ride” and “Do You Feel It Too, ” a heartfelt love song that shows Jones at his sincere best. It may not be an incredibly inspired album, but it is a lot of fun and if they had stuck together (and with Barry), they could have had a nice little run of albums. Sadly, though, the record tanked completely and the Monkees’ name was retired soon after its release. Tim Sendra, Rovi.

Artist Gordon Lightfoot United Artists Collection Product Type

Release Date: 5 October 1993. Attributes: 2 Cd Discs:2 Country:Usa. Country: Usa. Label: Emm/Capitol ( CAP ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog #: 27015. UPC: 724382701521. Configuration: D: CD. This double CD contains all four of the Toronto singer/songwriter’s ’60s studio albums (the live LP Sunday Concert, not included here, was also released in the ’60s). On these records, his resonant vocals, lyrical ambition, and melodic strengths produced as close a rival to Bob Dylan as Canada ever fashioned during that decade, and foreshadowed work by other major Canadian singer/songwriters of the late ’60s, such as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. “Early Mornin’ Rain” (covered by fellow Canadian folkies Ian & Sylvia), the folk-rock protest number “Black Day in July,” the epic “Canadian Railroad Trilogy,” and his cover of Ewan McColl’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” are all present, and are among the most popular tracks Lightfoot has issued during his long career. Featuring both acoustic and folk-rock recordings, this neatly bundles Lightfoot’s early work into a listenable and fairly inexpensive package. Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

It’s Time By Buble,michael (cd)

*Artist: BUBLE,MICHAEL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 8-FEB-2005

Pyle Mic And Stand Package – Pdmic58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic

The PDMIC58 is a professional moving coil dynamic handheld microphone. It makes your voice sound great in the studio or on the stage. Includes a 15 foot 5.5mm microphone cable. In addition we have added the PMKS3 Microphone Stand and the PPMCL50 XLR Female to Male Microphone Cable. Pyle Pro cabling is designed with the professional in mind. Get crystal clear vocals with this 50 ft. symmetric microphone cable. Connects XLR male to XLR female. Product Dimensions: L3.5X W3.5X H38

Monster MPC S202 2C 202 LN Speaker Cable (2-Conductor) 25 ft. MiniBulk Bubble – 7.62 m

MPC S202 2C: High Performance 2 Conductor Speaker Cable High performance speaker cable with patented Monster technology including Magnetic Flux Tube for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget. Special strandings wound around a Magnetic Flux Tube requires less power to carry sound. Innovative LPE TMinsulation reduces signal loss and distortion for impressive clarity and wide dynamic range. Flexible, heavy-duty Duraflex jacket makes cable durable and easy to use. Deliver the Power Your Speakers Need to Reproduce Crystal-Clear, Head-Turning Sound When it comes to experiencing great audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Featuring a large copper conductor surface area, Monster Performance Car 200 Series Speaker Cables deliver the power your speakers need to reproduce the wide dynamic range found in todays audio recordings. An ultra-flat profile design lies flush beneath carpets for a clean installation, while patented Magnetic Flux Tube technology breaks up internal electromagnetic fields for crisp, detailed sound that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.