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Philips Spa7210 Multimedia Speakers

The Philips SPA7210/27 Multimedia Speakers 2.0 combine impressive power with deep bass and crisp treble notes, giving you exceptional audio for your notebook or MP3 player. You’ll enjoy all your music with crisp, clear vocals, and all your videos, games, and movies in powerful, dynamic stereo. The Multimedia Speakers feature a convenient cable management system that keeps your desk free from tangled cords. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the speakers also feature an auxillary jack that lets you connect an MP3 player, and a headphone-out jack for private listening. For added convenience, an additional USB port lets you charge an MP3 player or mobile phone. Other notebook accessories you might like: Philips Notebook headset Philips Notebook Sleeve Speakers combine impressive power with deep bass and crisp treble notes. View larger. An additional USB port lets you charge an MP3 player or mobile phone. View larger. 40-Watt Speakers Deliver Deep Bass Combining dynamic bass boost, a 3/4-inch tweeter, 3-inch drivers, and an impressive 40 watts of audio power, the Philips SPA7210/27 Multimedia Speakers 2.0 deliver remarkable sound. You’ll enjoy rich bass through three-inch speakers, and a balanced overall sound that lets you get the most out of your music playlist, movie soundtracks, games, and videos. Simply connect headphones to the 3.5-mm audio jack for private listening, or plug your MP3 player into the auxillary jack to amplify your entire digital music library. Adjustable Cables for a Tidy Workspace The Multimedia Speakers’ adjustable-length 3.5-mm stereo cable wraps around the underside of the speakers, keeping your workspace tidy. On-Speaker Controls; Audio Input for MP3 Players Designed for ease of use, the volume controls and power indicator lights are conveniently located on the front of the speakers. Additionally, an auxillary jack and headphone jack let you connect your MP3 player or a pair of headphones. Mobile Device Charging Port An additional USB port le


Mid/High Frequency CabinetThis ideal addition to any existing PA speaker system delivers outstanding midrange and high frequency response. Compression horn midrange adds outstanding clarity to instrument and vocals, and four Piezo horn tweeters provide very high immunity to burnout

Has Been By Shatner,william (cd)

*Artist: SHATNER,WILLIAM *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 5-OCT-2004

Siberia Neckband Headset Apple

Siberia Neckband Headset AppleSteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset for Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The soundscape has been optimized to reproduce crisp highs, crystal clear vocals and deep, balanced bass levels for an impressive set of cans. Answer calls, change volume, fast and easy directly from the cord. Open-type, XL-sized, cloth padded ear cushions for extreme comfort. SteelSeries signature Siberia theme for an eye-catching visual design. Retractable, uni-directional microphone system in left ear-cup. Around-the-neck fit allows you to wear hats or other head and hair garments. Adjustable, flexible suspension for increased durability.SKU:51105SSSKU:GMDB16980056

Monster Turbine Pro Gold Professional In-Ear Headphones Speakers

MH TRB-P IE GLD – All metal construction, deep tight bass, ultra-wide range driver, sound isolating eartips Pro speaker design with low mass, ultra-wide bandwidth driver for superior accuracy.All-metal construction cancels unwanted resonance for pure sound.Pro Sound Supertip with advanced construction provides maximum sound isolation.Pro strain relief: rugged construction withstands heavy duty use.MicroStrand conductors with ultra-low impedance for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction.Engineered For Pros And The Audio ObsessedTurbine Pros are designed by audio fanatics for audio fanatics. Professional audio engineers and demanding audiophiles know attaining perfect sound reproduction doesn’t matter a little — it’s all that matters.That’s why Monster brings you a higher level music listening experience with Turbine Pro professional in-ear speakers. You’ll get the clarity, detail and dynamic range of the finest studio monitors or audiophile reference loudspeakers. You’ll rediscover your favorite music as you hear things that you didn’t even know were there.Bass So Deep, It Sounds Like A Subwoofer In Your EarsReproducing deep, tight bass is a challenge even for the best loudspeakers and subwoofers. Listen to your most demanding bass tracks with Turbine Pro and you’ll hear what we mean.Music To Your EarsThe deep rhythm of hip hop. The intimacy of a jazz trio. The thunderous power of a full-scale orchestra. Turbine Pro does it all. Instruments sound alive, and vocals smooth and natural.Being a Pro is in the DetailsMonster Turbine Pros deliver a level of crispness and definition of sound that can only be achieved when every detail is taken into account. The ultra-wide range driver is housed in a high-density metal casing that absorbs unwanted vibration, providing an inert, non-resonant acoustic chamber.The result is flawless bass and absolute audio precision. Even the cable is special, with MicroStrand conductors and Monster’s patented Magnetic FluxTube to cleanly transfer every sonic detail.Noise Isolation for Pro AudioProfessional listening, like recording or mastering, demands not only accuracy, but a high level of sound isolation.You’ll find multiple sizes of advanced eartip designs to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your ear, providing a seal that ensures there’s be nothing between you and your music.And for travelers, listening on an airplane is like being in the quiet of a recording studio.Your Search for Audio Perfection is OverLike you, the audio pros at Monster are driven by the need for unmatched audio performance. To ensure that Monster Turbine Pros deliver professional levels of sonic accuracy and durability, Monster’s audio pros engineered them to be the type of in-ear speaker that they’d want.