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Artist Fit For An Autopsy Process Of Human Extermination Rock Pop

Track Title. 1 The Conquerer. 1 The Conquerer. 2 The Colonist. 2 The Colonist. 3 The Desecrator. 3 The Desecrator. 4 The Juggernaut. 4 The Juggernaut. 5 The Wolf. 5 The Wolf. 6 The Consumer. 6 The Consumer. 7 The Locust. 7 The Locust. 8 The False Prophet. 8 The False Prophet. 9 The Jackal. 9 The Jackal. 10 The Executioner. 10 The Executioner. Deathcore is deathcore, for the most part. Bands operating within the genre have a few simple rules they live by, and rule number one is: get low. The guitars are tuned so far down that the strings are practically hanging off the neck, and the resulting riffs sound like the music’s being played back through a broken tape deck. The vocals are similarly guttural and roaring, and the drumming mixes intermittent blastbeats and frantic fills with a sort of low-gear chugging that propels the breakdowns that are the genre’s lifeblood. Fit for an Autopsy are a new deathcore band attempting to make a mark in an already saturated genre; their primary claim to fame is the presence of vocalist Nate Johnson, known for his previous work in Through the Eyes of the Dead and Premonitions of War. But they’ve got famous-ish (by underground standards) friends, a few of whom turn up to provide guest spots on the album. The Red Chord’s vocalist Guy Kozowyk is here, as are Travis Richter of the Human Abstract, Ray Mazzola of Full Blown Chaos, and Tim Williams of Vision of Disorder. Fans of bands like the Acacia Strain and Whitechapel will find this album right up their street. ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi.