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Artist Gordon Lightfoot United Artists Collection Product Type

Release Date: 5 October 1993. Attributes: 2 Cd Discs:2 Country:Usa. Country: Usa. Label: Emm/Capitol ( CAP ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog #: 27015. UPC: 724382701521. Configuration: D: CD. This double CD contains all four of the Toronto singer/songwriter’s ’60s studio albums (the live LP Sunday Concert, not included here, was also released in the ’60s). On these records, his resonant vocals, lyrical ambition, and melodic strengths produced as close a rival to Bob Dylan as Canada ever fashioned during that decade, and foreshadowed work by other major Canadian singer/songwriters of the late ’60s, such as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. “Early Mornin’ Rain” (covered by fellow Canadian folkies Ian & Sylvia), the folk-rock protest number “Black Day in July,” the epic “Canadian Railroad Trilogy,” and his cover of Ewan McColl’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” are all present, and are among the most popular tracks Lightfoot has issued during his long career. Featuring both acoustic and folk-rock recordings, this neatly bundles Lightfoot’s early work into a listenable and fairly inexpensive package. Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

Vinnie Vincent All Systems Go Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal

Track Title. 1 Ashes To Ashes. 2 Dirty Rhythm. 3 Love Kills. 4 Naughty Naughty. 5 Burn. 6 Let Freedom Rock. 7 That Time Of Year. 8 Heavy Pettin. 9 Ecstasy. 10 Deeper And Deeper. 11 Breakout. 12 The Meltdown. 13 ‘Ya Know’-Im Pretty Shot. Does that high-pitched wail sound familiar? Well, odds are if you’re reading this, you should know it. For Vinnie’s second album, good ol’ Mark Slaughter (who would soon — with Invasion bassist Dana Strum — form the even more successful and creatively named hair metal band Slaughter) takes over vocals from the departed Robert Fleischman, and while his high-pitched wails are a bit hard to take, his vocals give this record a bit more consistency than the debut. Outside of that it’s kinda just more of the same. Unfortunate for Mr. Vincent given his obvious talents, this sort of “metal” that somehow thrived from 1985-1990 (or so) wasn’t the type of rock that was open to too much experimentation. So what you get here is a pretty run-of-the-mill hair rock album: rockers, ballads, solos, etc. ~ Chris True, Rovi. Product Type: Compact Disc.

Artist Megadeth Countdown To Rock Pop Heavy Metal Product Type

Track Title. 1 Skin O’ My Teeth. 2 Symphony Of Destruction. 3 Architecture Of Aggression. 4 Foreclosure Of A Dream. 5 Sweating Bullets. 6 This Was My Life. 7 Countdown To Extinction. 8 High Speed Dirt. 9 Psychotron. 10 Captive Honour. 11 Ashes In Your Mouth. 12 Crown Of Worms – Previously Unreleased In The US 13 Countdown To Extinction (Demo) – Previously Unreleased. 14 Symphony Of Destruction (Demo) – Previously Unreleased. 15 Psychotron (Demo) – Previously Unreleased. The remixed and remastered Megadeth albums released in 2004 aren’t your typical cash-ins. They’re stark improvements over the originals: group leader Dave Mustaine did the remixing and remastering himself, making especially significant revisions to the earlier albums, and he includes insightful liner notes for each reissue, including track-by-track commentary for the bonus tracks, as well as lyrics and period photos. The reissue of Countdown to Extinction, like those of the albums that postdate it, isn’t all that different from its original incarnation. Megadeth was a big-budget band by this point and afforded itself top-shelf production. So, unlike the band’s earlier albums from the ’80s, there’s not too much to improve upon with Countdown to Extinction. Even so, Mustaine does slightly improve upon the album’s already glossy sheen, especially bringing his vocals to the fore (think “Sweating Bullets”) and giving the bottom end a little more oomph. Of course, the sheen of Countdown to Extinction has always been a thorny issue with some longtime fans, and this further polishing isn’t likely to remedy those too-slick criticisms that have increasingly dogged this album with the passing of time. Product Type: Compact Disc.

Dean Martin Classic Dino Bestofdean Martin Product Type Compact Disc

Artist: Dean Martin. Title: Classic Dino: Bestofdean Martin. Genre: Vocals. Sub-Genre: Vocal. Release Date: 7 June 2011. Attributes: ~ Discs:1. Label: Emm/Capitol ( CAP ). Product Type: Compact Disc.

Artist Judy At Carnegie Hall Vocals Product Type Compact Disc Domestic

Attributes: 2 Cd Discs:2. Label: Emm/Capitol ( CAP ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 27876. On Sale: Yes, Sale Ends 30 Sep 2011. UPC: 724352787623. Configuration: D: CD. This 40th anniversary edition of Garland’s seminal Judy at Carnegie Hall recording is a completely fresh experience even for those intimately familiar with previous versions. By accessing tapes which have not been used on any other release — including the pricey DCC gold disc — many sonic foibles which plagued the original have now been repaired. The overwhelming success of this album, which initially spent 95 weeks on the charts and garnered five Grammy Awards, makes it a prime candidate for a sonic overhaul. By reclaiming tapes that were once considered MIA, the sound is now notably more balanced. In addition, much of the fake applause has been thoughtfully removed, unveiling previously masked dramatic pacing and audience interplay between songs. But the highlight of the entire package is the return of “Alone Together” from the actual Carnegie Hall performance. The song had been replaced by a studio version on the 1989 CD reissue due to missing master tapes. Since then, those tapes have been put back into commission and provide the jaw-dropping sound on this delightful set. There is a good reason that Garland historian Scott Schechter titled his specially-penned liner notes essay “Two Hours of POW,” With relentless verve, Garland takes on her entire musical catalogue with astonishing aplomb. There is little sign of the decades of self-abuse which had left her frail by the early ’60s. But what we are fortunate enough to have is the magic and youth of her voice.

Dino Essential Dean Martin Product Type Compact Disc Vocal Perfect

Artist: Dean Martin. Title: Dino: Essential Dean Martin. Genre: Vocals. Sub-Genre: Vocal. Release Date: 7 June 2011. Attributes: 2 Cd ~ Discs:2. Label: Emm/Capitol ( CAP ). Product Type: Compact Disc.

Artist Prima Smith Live From Las Vegas Jazz Music Vocals Product Type

Track Title. 1 Them There Eyes/Honeysuckle Rose – Louis Prima. 2 I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Keely Smith. 3 Should I/I Can’t Believe That – Louis Prima. 4 Don’t Take Your Love From Me – Keely Smith. 5 Greenback Dollar Bill – Sam Butera. 6 Autumn Leaves – Keely Smith. 7 The White Cliffs Of Dover – Louis Prima. 8 Nothing Can Replace My Man – Keely Smith. 9 Robin Hood – Louis Prima. 10 Judy – Louis Prima. 11 Somebody Loves Me/Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – Louis Prima & Keely Smith. 12 You Can Pack – Sam Butera. 13 Come Rain Or Come Shine – Keely Smith. 14 Too Marvelous For Words – Louis Prima. 15 Embraceable You/I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good – Louis Prima & Keely Smith. 16 Buona Sera – Louis Prima. 17 Tenderly/That Man Of Mine – Keely Smith. 18 When The Saints Go Marching In – Louis Prima & Sam Butera. 19 Closing. Of all the recordings in Capitol’s Live from Las Vegas series, this set by Louis Prima and Keely Smith with Sam Butera & the Witnesses is a standout. For Prima fans, it’s a treasure trove since only six of the disc’s 19 tracks have been previously issued in any form. Recorded in 1958 during the act’s long-running stint at the Sahara’s Casbah Theater and featuring superb editing that retains much of the stage banter and the pair’s often humorous antics, it offers listeners the spontaneity and feel of a single live set in the moment. The sound is simply stellar; warm, full, and immediate, its presence gives one the impression of being in the room. As evidenced here, Prima and Smith often worked out material in front of their nightly audiences.

Best Of Mel Torme Jazz Music Vocals Product Type Compact Disc

Track Title. 1 Careless Hands. 2 Again. 3 Blue Moon. 4 The Four Winds And The Seven Seas. 5 The Old Master Painter. 6 Bewitched. 7 Anywhere I Wander. 8 Skylark. 9 You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me. 10 Lullaby Of The Leaves.

Artist Rachelle Ferrell Individuality Can I Be Me Jazz Music Vocals

Track Title. 1 Individuality (Can I Be Me?). 2 Sista. 3 Will You Remember Me. 4 I Forgive You. 5 I Gotta Go. 6 Why You Wanna Mess It All Up. 7 Gaia. 8 Run To Me. 9 Reflections Of My Heart. 10 Satisfied. 11 I Can Explain. Ferrell’s rich, textured voice strokes these often-formulaic songs along. Dipping into modern pop, R&B, gospel, and jazz, Ferrell paints some splendid portraits here (even if she does tend to over-sing her lines occasionally). Best is the funky “Satisfied,” an amalgam of everything Individuality (Can I Be Me?) sets out to be. A breakthrough album from a behind-the-scenes artist deserving more. ~ Michael Gallucci, All Music Guide.