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Eluveitie Everything Remains Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal

Track Title. 1 Otherworld. 2 Everything Remains As It Never Was. 3 Thousandfold. 4 Nil. 5 The Essence Of Ashes. 6 Isara. 7 Kingdom Come Undone. 8 Quoth The Raven. 9 (Do) Minion. 10 Setlon. 11 Sempiternal Embers. 12 Lugdunon. 13 The Liminal Passage. The more musical and nuanced bands in extreme metal do not live by volume and brute force alone. Those are the bands that have enough going on melodically and harmonically that they would still sound good even if they opted to unplug and perform in an acoustic environment — which, in fact, is exactly what Eluveitie did when they recorded Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion in late 2008. Minus the crunching metal guitar they usually favor, Eluveitie provided an acoustic-oriented folk-rock album that wasn’t as heavy or hard-driving as their other releases, but was quite edgy nonetheless. Everything Remains (As It Never Was), however, marks their return to full-fledged metal, and the blend of forcefulness and musicality that served them well on previous electric albums also serves them well this time. The Swiss folk metal/melodic death metal unit’s interest in Medieval and Celtic music goes beyond the superficial; it is an integral part of what Eluveitie does. So on Everything Remains (As It Never Was), bruising metal guitar, thrashiness, and death metal-growling vocals are right at home with flutes, pipes, whistles, and other instruments traditionally used in European folk. This is an excellent CD that manages to be dark, menacing, and enchanting at the same time. Granted, Eluveitie’s blend of death metal and Euro-folk elements won’t appeal to death metal purists, but for those who do appreciate folk metal, Everything Remains (As It Never Was) is exactly what the Medieval doctor ordered. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi.

Wintersun Product Type Compact Disc Perfect Heavy Metal Music Rock

Track Title. 1 Beyond The Dark Sun. 2 Winter Madness. 3 Sleeping Stars. 4 Battle Against Time. 5 Death And The Healing. 6 Starchild. 7 Beautiful Death. 8 Sadness And Hate. At first glance, a Finnish heavy metal band named Wintersun, whose album cover shows a fallen warrior lying face down in the snow, might elicit thoughts of simplistic black metal infused with pagan or anti-Christian messages, but it doesn’t take long for this eponymous debut to prove that first impressions can be deceiving. In fact, the new project of former Ensiferum and Arthemesia vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jari M enp a merges the hyper-fast precision of Yngwie Malmsteen-like guitar playing (witness the speedy “Beyond the Dark Sun”) with the melodic sensibilities of post-Helloween power metal (see the more diverse “Winter Madness”) and a homegrown passion for folk-styled songwriting descended straight from trailblazing compatriots Amorphis. If there is any sign of black metal songwriting to be found here, it’s in the majestic symphonic backdrops draped all over the ever more ambitious offerings that follow: “Sleeping Stars” flirts with doom via its slow-creeping riffs, “Death and the Healing” alternates clean and rough vocals with a jaw-dropping display of pyrotechnic guitar heroics, and “Beautiful Death” comprises a stunning (if quite morbid) black metal tour de force in terms of both words and musical attack. Curiously, each subsequent track runs longer than the last here — as if Wintersun is consciously using the song lengths themselves as means of upping the compositional ante.