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Artist Hammond Fred Family Entertainment Presents Life In The Word

Track Title. 1. 1 You Do Great Things. 1. 2 Psalms 119:33-40. 1. 3 Life In The Word. 1. 4 Numbers 13:26-30. 1. 5 Psalms 18:3-6. 1. 6 Trust In The Lord. 1. 7 Dwelling Place. 1. 8 Need My Time With You. 1. 9 All My Help. 1. 10 Psalms 8:1-4. 1. 11 Home Inside My Praise. 1. 12 1 Samuel 12:24. 1. 13 Walkin’ In Victory. 1. 14 Just To Be Close To You. 2. 1 Show Yourself Strong. 2. 2 He’s Not Just A Man. 2. 3 Keep On Praisin’. 2. 4 Created To Worship. 2. 5 Breathe Into Me Oh Lord. 2. 6 Shout Unto God. Fred Hammond has built himself into a virtual one-man praise & worship franchise in recent years, and thanks to a distribution agreement with Universal Music Christian Group, he launched his own label imprint, Hammond Family Entertainment, and this CD and DVD set is the inaugural release for the new enterprise. Although attributed to Hammond, he mostly steps back here and lets younger singers step forward, restricting himself to mostly uplifting spoken interludes, spiritual quotes, and a general mentoring role. Key vocals are handled by the likes of Faith Anderson, Lowell Pye, Michael Bethany, and Candace Laster, so again, this isn t by any means a Hammond showcase. What it feels like, and in truth, what this release actually is, is a praise & worship service in which several vocalists — and the audience as well — steps up to join in the affirmations. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi.