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Artist Jacintha Here’s To Ben Jazz Music Vocals Product Type Sacd

Track Title. 1 Georgia On My Mind. 2 Love Is Here To Stay. 3 Tenderly. 4 Over The Rainbow. 5 How Long Has This Been Going On. 6 Stardust. 7 In The Wee Small Hours Of Morning. 8 Pennies From Heaven. 9 Danny Boy. 10 Look Of Love [Audiophile Bonus Caf. When you link your musical objective to a jazz icon like Ben Webster, certain expectations are created and, like here, rarely are these expectations met. Certainly, Jacintha sings songs Webster played and she sings them very nicely. But there’s none of the raspy timbre in her voice that made Webster’s saxophone immediately recognizable. Jacintha confuses raspy with singing softly. She and the producers would have been better served by presenting these songs as hers, not Webster’s. The focus then would be where it belongs, ie, what she does with these classics. With excellent pitch, good diction, and sensitive interpretations of the lyrics, she makes these songs her own. One highlight is her a cappella treatment of “Danny Boy.” Throughout the session, Jacintha receives solid support from veteran Teddy Edwards’ blues-drenched saxophone (he’s a lot closer to Webster than Jacintha is). He and Jacintha work well together, as on “How Long Has This Been Going On?” The venerable drummer Larance Marable and bass player Darek Oles combine to lay a solid, sensitive foundation for the proceedings. Oles’ bass is especially prominent on “Over the Rainbow.” Former Miles Davis pianist Ker Akagi is a capable accompanist. This album is a solid enough effort solely on the strength of Jacintha’s natural talent. The obeisance to Webster was not only unnecessary, but distracting. ~ Dave Nathan, All Music Guide.

Artist Jacintha Autumn Leaves Jazz Music Vocals Product Type Sacd

Track Title. 1 And The Angels Sing. 2 Skylark. 3 One For My Baby (And One More For The Road). 4 Midnight Sun. 5 Autumn Leaves. 6 Days Of Wine And Roses. 7 I Remember You. 8 Trav’lin’ Light. 9 Something’s Gotta Give. 10 Moon River. 11 Here’s To Life. Nine of the 11 tracks here are ballads. Their uncluttered arrangements spotlight Jacintha’s smooth and sensuous voice, while her expressive phrasing draws the most from the classic Johnny Mercer lyrics. Jacintha includes the original lyrics to “Autumn Leaves,” done in soft and flawless French; otherwise, her primary innovation is to deliver the tunes straight and sincerely, with minimal improvisation and maximum tenderness. There’s no trace of the customary bitterness in “One More for the Road,” and her unaccompanied reading of “Moon River” liberates that song from any prior goopy associations. In fact, her version brings out the poignancy of the lyrics so purely that her additional chorus, coming after a rather wandering piano interlude, seems redundant. The band is good but pretty restrained throughout, supplying subtle commentary and close support, then breaks out nicely on the two up-tempo tracks: “And the Angels Sing” and “Something’s Got to Give.” Jacintha’s measured, legato approach isn’t very conducive to swinging, but listening to “Skylark”and “Midnight Sun,” in particular, is like sipping cool champagne in a fragrant hot tub. Another highlight is the bonus track, “Here’s to Life,” a signature tune for Shirley Horn, which Jacintha takes at a slightly faster tempo. While it’s not a Mercer lyric, its beautiful sentiments and melody fit nicely into this relaxed and intimate set. Whatever this CD may lack in fire, it makes up for in warmth. ~ Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide.