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Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training

Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training explains the importance of this important audio component of Final Cut Studio in a professional video workflow. Apple Certified Final Cut Studio Trainer Rick Allen Lippert shows how to set up an effective Soundtrack Pro system and establish a fundamental workflow, from simple audio processing to final mixdown and exporting. Rick explains how to roundtrip from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro to perform noise reduction and sweeten audio, and shows how to use the provided loops and sound effects to enhance a project. He also demonstrates how simple it is to create a podcast with Soundtrack Pro 3, and to record voiceovers and vocals directly into the system. Exercise files accompany the course.

Baby In Bliss Cd

Baby in Bliss CD features a collection of powerful healing drum beats and beautiful vocals that have a specific frequency and high vibration. The audio will be a powerful conscious experience for you and your baby

The Starlight Express

This Lemax collectible will make a perfect addition to our holiday decor. The Starlight Express 17pc set includes 4 train cars, train engine with headlight, 4 straight tracks (10 in.), 8 curved tracks, realistic train sound with Merry script, 1 on/off switch control base. Reindeer circles above caboose.