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Royksopp Senior Product Type Compact Disc Dance Electronica

Track Title. 1.And The Forest Began To Sing. 2 Tricky Two. 3 The Alcoholic. 4 Senior Living. 5 The Drug. 6 Forsaken Cowboy. 7 The Fear. 8 Coming Home. 9 A Long, Long Way. Just as autumn must follow summer, Senior must follow Junior. R yksopp’s poppy, peppy record from 2009, Junior included guest-star vocalists, bright effects, and catchy melodies; R yksopp’s dreamy, downtempo record from 2010, Senior includes neither vocals nor much in the way of four-four beats. For those who jumped on the Junior bandwagon — and there were a lot of jumpers, since it surpassed all of their earlier records on the charts — the music here will be seen as formless mood music, for better or worse. For those who enjoyed R yksopp’s earlier downbeat material, this might seem more like home, although it has less character and warmth than Melody AM or even The Understanding. Much of it is simply a sedate version of Junior; for instance, “The Alcoholic” could have easily been slotted on Junior if vocals were added and its tempo was increased slightly. Elsewhere, R yksopp have created music of beauty, as on “The Fear” and “The Drug,” two pieces whose slowly shifting effects and warm atmosphere conjure a pastoral paradise as only R yksopp can. While some of the tracks sound like rough sketches that were simply given a bit more shading, most of Senior captivates as a full-length experience. ~ John Bush, Rovi. Product Type: Compact Disc.