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Artist Isis In The Absence Of Truth Rock Pop Music Heavy Metal

Track Title. 1 Wrists Of Kings. 2 Not In Rivers, But In Drops. 3 Dulcinea. 4 Over Root And Thorn. 5 1000 Shards. 6 All Out Of Time, All Into Space. 7 Holy Tears. 8 Firdous E Bareen. 9 Garden Of Barren. Isis pushed the envelope so far on 2002’s Oceanic and 2004’s gloriously pretentious concept album Panopticon that they spawned countless imitators, which is the greatest form of flattery in some quarters. In the Absence of Truth is the fourth full-length from Isis. This set is not a brave leap forward — most of us haven’t caught up with the last one, and Oceanic spawned an even more experimental set of remixes in 2005 — but a further look up the holy mountain to a new plateau, a hike to sacred ground. Thank the gods. On these nine tracks, Isis never nervously explore; instead they seem to know exactly what corners to look into, what crags to reach in and grab onto, what caves lead to a blinding light that holds within it both everything and nothing. Isis is in full command this time out and as an album, In the Absence of Truth is as solidly explosive and as adventuresome as Panopticon, but their elemental control over the music is greater, therefore creating a more even production. Aaron Turner’s vocals still etch an unclean line between half-sung and guttural roar. The lyrics are oblique and the voice is back in the mix of that nearly unrestrained savage wail of guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards. The pace is deliberately slow and circular on all cuts. Produced and engineered (again) by Matt Bayles, the sonic attack may be measured, but it is also pregnant with beauty and ferocity, with a guitar sound that is singular in the world of heavy metal and underground rock. While the opener “Wrists of Kings” is fraught with thundering tom toms, a shimmering Hammond organ, and counterpoint guitars and basses, it’s rhythm is the key to its melodic frame.