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Jbuds J3m Micro Atomic In-ear Earphones With Microphone For Ipod,

Color: Electric Blue From the Manufacturer The Mothership Has Landed: JBuds J3M Micro Atomics Featuring full metal housing and components cold forged from solid aluminum core, a stunning anodized finish, a tactile L/R ID system, revolutionized flexible joints, laser cut bass port, laser etched logo details, full spectrum hyper balanced micro drivers, and the legendary JBuds sound signature in the sleekest, sexiest profile ever for a perfect fit. The J3M Micro Atomic Earphones are the JBuds, redefined. Part of JLab s futuristic new design paradigm, the Atomic Wave. Building on JLab s legendary JBuds sound signature, the J3M Micro Atomic Earphones harness the superior resonance of a carefully crafted aluminum housing with perfectly balanced full spectrum micro drivers to deliver a stunning new level of acoustic performance. Their ultra slim, ergonomic profile is designed for easy grip and an amazingly comfortable in-ear fit. A larger-than-life 3-D sound stage features unparalleled clarity and definition. You ll enjoy a front row experience for any music selection, whether it’s the warm and smoky jazz at Blue Note, octave hopping vocals of your favorite diva, trunk shaking hip hop, or soaring violin concertos – the J3M Micro Atomic Earphones deliver crystal clear highs, deep, full mids, tight, punchy bass, and first-class noise isolation. The J3M Micro Atomics are built to last with rugged aluminum housing and components, durable rubber flex joints, premium quality micro-braided anti-tangle cable, stainless steel mesh filters at the sound tube and bass port, a durable inline cord slide, an in-line microphone for crytsal clear calls, button control of your smart phone or iPod, and a 24-karat gold-plated 3.5-millimeter audio jack for premium, no-loss sound connection to your audio device. The entire product is covered by JLab s no hassle one-year limited warranty. Soft silicone cushions are included in four sizes XS, S, M, and L to assure an ide