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Jungle Rot Kill On Command Product Type Compact Disc Heavy Metal Rock

Track Title. 1 Their Finest Hour. 1 Their Finest Hour. 2 Bloodties. 2 Bloodties. 3 Rise Up And Revolt. 3 Rise Up And Revolt. 4 Kill On Command. 4 Kill On Command. 5 Demoralized. 5 Demoralized. 6 Push Comes To Shove. 6 Push Comes To Shove. 7 I Predict A Riot. 7 I Predict A Riot. 8 No Mercy (From The Merciless). 8 No Mercy (From The Merciless). 9 Born Of Contagion. 9 Born Of Contagion. 10 Life Negated. 10 Life Negated. Why Chicago-based hardcore/metalcore/scream label Victory Records signed death metal survivors Jungle Rot is a mystery for the ages. A band almost entirely devoid of appeal to Warped Tour-attending youth, JR play downtuned, somewhat groove-oriented death metal in the spirit of late-’80s/early-’90s bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Sodom. This is music guaranteed to inspire headbanging (during the fast parts) and head-nodding (during the slower parts), and live, it’ll get the mosh pit roiling. The songs are built around powerful drumming, downtuned guitar riffs that blend with the prominent, choppy basslines, and guttural vocals — all the classic elements that have made this style of hardcore-friendly death metal one of the most viscerally satisfying and long-lived styles of underground music across the globe. Vocalist Dave Matrise has a thick, hoarse roar that occasionally drifts from a hardcore bellow toward an over-enunciated snarl like Oderus Urungus of GWAR, and the rest of the band shouts the choruses behind him in a manner that’ll be more than familiar to fans of bands like Sick of It All and Biohazard. This is a more than solid album by a band with a longish history in the underground — fans shouldn’t be worried that their new label has changed Jungle Rot in any way. ~ Phil Freeman, Rovi.

Artist Ill Nino Dead World Rock Pop Heavy Metal Compact Disc Domestic

Track Title. 1 God Is For The Dead. 1 God Is For The Dead. 2 The Art Of War. 2 The Art Of War. 3 Against The Wall. 3 Against The Wall. 4 Mi Revolucion. 4 Mi Revolucion. 5 Bleed Like You. 5 Bleed Like You. 6 Serve The Grave. 6 Serve The Grave. 7 If You Were Me. 7 If You Were Me. 8 Ritual. 8 Ritual. 9 Killing You, Killing Me. 9 Killing You, Killing Me. 10 How Could I Believe. 10 How Could I Believe. 11 Bullet With Butterfly Wings. 11 Bullet With Butterfly Wings. 12 Scarred. 12 Scarred. Combining the alt-metal intensity of early Deftones and Soulfly with plaintive, post-grunge choruses, Ill Ni o deliver another dose of melodic nu metal on their fifth studio album, Dead New World. With its rapid shifts from soaring to searing, the album has a kind of capricious feeling about it, abusing you with massive, chugging riffs and growling vocals before extending a hand of friendship with a big rock chorus, only to pull it away at the last moment as the verse comes back again and knocks you back to the floor. Whichever mode Ill Ni o are in, they always make sure to keep the intensity level up with a relentless barrage of furious guitar work and thunderous, almost tribal, drumming. Truly separating the band from the rest of the pack are the Latin flourishes that pop up on songs like How Could I Believe and Mi Revolucion. Little things like this help Dead New World break out of the mold for the genre that s been so firmly cast, allowing Ill Ni o to continue to deliver the hard-hitting metal that their fans have come to expect over the last decade. ~ Gregory Heaney, Rovi.