Shure Sm57-lc Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

The legendary Shure SM57 is exceptional for musical instrument pickup and vocals. With its bright, clean sound and contoured frequency response, the SM57 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording.

Digitech Vl3g Vocalist Live 3 Harmony And Pitch Correction Pedal

Deepen Your Connection with the Audience with Vocalist Live 3! An innovative tool to add to your vocals for live performance, DigiTech Brings you the Live 3 Harmony and Pitch Correction Pedal. Stomp on a switch and fill the room with natural, full-sounding vocal harmonies that adapt to the notes being played. DigiTech Vocalist Live 3 Features Intelligent 3-part Harmony Lead voice plus 2 more Real-time pitch correction Vocal Preamp Channel Strip Warmth (tube preamp), Compressor, 2-band EQ, Low Cut and Noise Gate Gender Control gives the harmonies a male and/or female voice Humanize Control adjusts the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight Five Harmony Patches Save harmony settings, each with an A and B part Built-in Guitar Chorus Effect & Guitar Tuner 3 Reverb settings and 5 Delay settings Using musIQ technology, the Live 3 automatically follows the chord progression on your guitar to create musically accurate harmonies. The Live 3 keeps the lead vocals right on target with

Chicago By Sinatra,nancy (cd)

*Artist: SINATRA,NANCY *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 16-SEP-2008

Call Me Irresponsible By Buble,michael (cd)

*Artist: BUBLE,MICHAEL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 1-MAY-2007

Monster MPC P200 10R 200 Power & Ground Cable Per ft. 10 Awg Ground Cable – Black

MPC P200 Power and Ground: High Current 8 or 10 Gauge Power Cable High performance power cable for easy amplifier connection. Featuring high-purity copper stranding and a Duraflex protective jacket, these cables deliver low-loss, high-current power transfer and maximum durability. DuraFlex jacket construction resists chemicals and abrasions. High purity copper stranding allows for peak current transfer. Bulk spools or convenient 25 foot power and 5 foot ground retail packs. Available in glossy red or black. Maximize Power Transfer to Your Amplifier for High-Performance, Head-Turning Sound Experience great audio in your car requires not only optimal signal transfer, but also optimal power transfer to amplifiers and other system components. The power cables you use can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turn heads. Featuring high-purity copper stranding and a Duraflex protective jacket, Monster 200 Series Power and Ground Cables deliver low-loss, high-current power transfer and maximum durability for performance that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.

Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Instrument Microphone Wide Frequency Response

Excellent for vocals and instruments. Wide frequency response for accurate, natural sound reproduction. Cardioid polar pattern for superior feedback rejection. Flex-Form hardened-steel grill for durable performance.

Vox Vdl1 Dynamic Looper Effects Processor

Create, play, and dynamically control looped phrases in real time.The new VOX Dynamic Looper provides optimized effects and musical loop tools that together promise unprecedented new dimensions in live performance.Features:Loop Pedal Processor offering intuitive foot pedal control.Infinite recording time using two independent loops (combined loop length up to 90 seconds).Add infinite layers with SOS recording capabilities.Loop Quantize creates specific beat-length phrases that automatically loop on the beat.11 Pre Effects enhance and morph your instruments sound as you play record loops.Pre Effects include instrument simulations such as bass and acoustic guitar.11 Loop Effects radically transform the playback of looped phrases.100 programs (50 preset, 50 user); each offers settings for the Pre Effect and Loop Effect.Overdubbing with undo and redo capabilities.Re sample by adding new material onto a phrase being processed by the Loop Effect.Mic input for creating loops using other sources; such as vocals or percussion.Master Limiter maintains a consistent level between the original source and all loops.Three stop modes clean, delay, and fade provide more loop playing creativity.Key Lock function locks the panels controls but maintains the pedals for error-free performances..

Stairway To Heaven By Sedaka,neil (cd)

*Artist: SEDAKA,NEIL *Genre: Vocals *Release Date: 31-AUG-2004

What Can I Do?

When we see the beauty of a sunset, the evening sky, or the mystery of a galaxy, what can we do but thank the Lord and give our lives to Him? This can be worship leader or soloist driven, and choir background vocals alternately lead and support. Orchestration includes score and parts for Flute 1, 2, Oboe, Clarinet 1, 2, Trumpet 1, 2, 3, Horn 1, 2 (Alto Sax), Trombone 1, 2 (Tenor Sax/Baritone TC), Trombone 3/Tuba, Percussion 1, 2, Harp, Rhythm, Violin 1, 2, Viola (Clarinet 3), Cello/Bassoon (Bass Clarinet), String Bass and Keyboard String Reduction. CD Accompaniment Trax also available. Duration: Approx. 4:00

Monster Music Al Jarreau and George Benson’s ?Givin’ It Up?

More than 30 years in the making, but worth the wait?Monster Musicpresents George Benson and Al Jarreau’s first-ever HDS High Definition Surround SuperDisc Givin’ It Up High Definition Surround Sound with In Your Room and In The Studio surround experiences. Special guests artists include: Herbie Hancock, Jill Scott, Chris Botti, Paul McCartney and more. High Definition Digital Music Files encoded with Dolby Headphone Surround. High Definition Stereo (PCM 96/24), and audiophile mastered. Bonus video footage of The Making of Givin It Up. Each package will include hang tab attached to the product. Two Jazz Greats Finally Collaborate Jazz/crossover legends George Benson and Al Jarreau have been dazzling audiences with their live performances and studio work (13 Grammy Awards between them) for the last three decades. Slated to tour together in the summer of 2006, George and Al decided to take it one step further: record an album together of classic and original material. An all-star cast headed by Stanley Clarke, Chris Botti, Marcus Miller and even Paul McCartney, contributed their musical genius to Givin It Up. Soul divas Jill Scott and Patti Austin pair off for guest vocal duets with George and Al, respectively. Legends Sound Even Better on SuperDisc Besides the stereo disc included for your CD player or car stereo, Monster Music brings you Benson, Jarreau and company in full HDS High Definition Surround on a SuperDisc for your DVD player. Better than normal stereo, music in High Definition Surround puts you right in the middle of the music. Its exciting, moving, and the way the artists intended you to hear it. And for audiophiles, there are High Definition Stereo tracks in 96K/24-bit lossless audio. SuperDisc Delivers A Surround Experience From Your iPod Direct from the master recordings are High Definition Digital Music files ready to download to any computer or portable music player that supports WMA (Windows), or AAC (Apple, iPod). Even better are Dolby Headphone music files that simulate surround sound through any pair of headphones. Givin’ It Up SuperDisc Features: High Definition Surround – Mixed for today’s 5.1 home theater systems to bring out more detail and discreet instrumentation In the Studio and In the Room Surround Experiences – 1.54 Mbps DTS 96/24 and Dolby 448kbps 48/16, sounds like you’re there for the live session High Definition Stereo – Audiophile Mastered PCM Stereo Tracks Also includes the original 2-channel stereo CD High Definition Digital Music Files ready to Drag and Drop Dolby Headphone Surround for virtual surround sound from MP3 Players