Attributes: Import-Gbr Discs:1 Country:Uk. Country: UK. Label: Bygone Days. Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : BYD77032. Import: Yes. UPC: 5024952770328. Configuration: D: CD. 2009 collection from the Canadian crooner. Back in the days of wholesome radio entertainment, Bing Crosby and Tommy Dorsey used to do a routine that had as its punch line the question “I wonder where Dick Todd is tonight ” The question always got a laugh because Dick Todd was perceived as North America’s most accomplished Bing Crosby imitator, emulating him so closely as to become known as the Canadian Crosby. Handsome and husky-voiced, romantic baritone Dick Todd was also dubbed King of the Jukebox. During his brief heyday from 1938-1942, Todd recorded about 200 songs for RCA Victor’s Bluebird label, enabling him to compete with Decca’s Bing Crosby and Okeh’s Buddy Clarke. This collection features 25 of Dick Todd’s best. Bygone Days.