When searching for quality that offers unquestionable values as well as a best deal, you surely reached this goal by selecting Emerson NR101TT Heritage Series Home Stereo System with AM/FM Receiver and Belt Drive Turntable!! Take a stroll down memory lane with Emerson’s NR101TT Heritage Series Home Stereo System. The NR101TT blends nostalgic styling with the latest features, giving you the best of both worlds. The beautiful high gloss wood veneer cabinetry offers a vintage look mimicking classic style vinyl record players. The 2-in-1 classic music player allows you to play your entire collection of vinyl records and enjoy your favorite AM or FM radio stations. It features a ceramic jeweled stylus cartridge with rotary tuning and volume controls. The 3-inch wide-range speakers offer crystal clear sound with the perfect balance of base. This stereo system is a work of art in sound, style, quality and image. The NR101TT is the perfect addition to any home and will bring back memories of the good ol’ days of A-side tracks.* AM/FM receiver and belt drive turntable* Rotary-tuning and volume controls* Built-in, full-size 3-speed belt-driven stereo turntable* Auto-start, auto-stop, auto tone arm return, and cue control* 45 RPM adapter included.its where quality and satisfaction are guaranteed to meet.