As athletes, we were dissatisfied with many aspects of traditional earphones available today. Earphones are generally uncomfortable or fall out during workouts. Many offer unsatisfying audio. Zeal earphones are designed to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. AURIA’s&xA0; XFit system is designed to solve the top two complaints about earphones:&xA0; falling out and/or being uncomfortable. XFit is based on the use of ultra-soft, ergonomically-shaped LOBES that gently conform to the flexible portions of outer ears – the tragus and anti-tragus. For audio, we worked diligently to pioneer the use of nano-technology speakers in earphones. We hand-picked components to assure that breathy vocals, delicate musical details and heart-thumping bass come to life. The sleek Inline Control only required a light finger touch. A textured Function button enables quick control of Music and Video Advance track, Restart track and Pause plus Answer/End call for many mobile phones. The integrated Microphone can be used for hands-free calls and Voice Control when connected to iPhone 4/3GS/3G, Android and Blackberry phones.&xA0; Get Personal and show your style. Personalizers quickly swap out and change the exterior look of your earphones in seconds. The luxurious silver mesh carrying case included with Zeal earphones is&xA0;designed to hold earphones, most smart phones with slim case or MP3 players