Creative’s Aurvana 2 In-Ear Headphones offer the rich, detailed sound quality of the original Aurvana Headphones and a whole lot more. The Aurvana 2 features a full, well-rounded sound profile that’s punctuated by rich bass and ideally matched to diverse vocals and a wide range of musical styles. Featuring an AuraSeal design that provides excellent noise isolation, the headphones are compact, lightweight, and durable. And to ensure a comfortable, customized fit, they come with three sets of ear tips.Creative Aurvana 2 In-Ear HeadphonesBalanced armature drivers with acoustic grille for detailed sound and rich bassAuraSeal in-ear design reduces up to 95 percent of ambient noiseUninterrupted transmission with oxygen-free copper cableThree sizes of soft, silicon ear tips for custom fitTravel-ready with case, airplane adapter, and cleaning toolDurable metal body and lightweight partsRefined Acoustic Tuning for Clear, Detailed AudioWhatever your favorite genre of music is, Creative’s Aurvana 2 In-Ear Headphones deliver a high-quality, realistic listening experience. Featuring a design that incorporates precise, balanced armature drivers with an acoustic grille, these headphones allow for a smoother, warmer, and more detailed sound profile that includes deep, rich bass.Cable-fit slider for easy cable adjustments.In addition, the Aurvana 2’s premium-quality, oxygen-free copper cable and gold-plated plug team up to reduce distortion and deliver clear transmission from your favorite player to the headphones. For increased flexibility, these headphones also feature a cable-fit slider, which allows you to adjust the length of the cable. This doesn’t just keep the cable out of your way and prevent tangles; it also reduces the unnecessary disturbance that can be caused by a long cord brushing against your clothes.Ergonomic Earbuds for Comfort and Noise IsolationCreative’s trademarked AuraSeal in-ear design offers superb noise isolation, blocking out up to 95 percent of ambient no