Creative EP-630 in-ear earphones with rubber earbuds give an enhanced listening experience with MP3 audio. Specially designed to meet the needs of users on the go, the rubber earbuds block external sounds and enhance the bass impact of compressed audio tracks, giving users on the move access to a new, more exciting sound stage. Lightweight and comfortable, these earphones feature oxygen-free copper cable to ensure maximum audio delivery across a wide frequency range, plus Neodymium magnet transducers for improved clarity from high-end to low.Created to complement MP3 players. Rubber earbuds block external sounds and enhance bass. Lightweight, comfortable design, for a better audio experience. Oxygen-free copper cable for maximum audio delivery. Outstanding low-to-high frequency response, from 6Hz to 23kHz. 8mm Neodymium magnet transducers for outstanding audio clarity and detail.