The MEElectronics A151 offers fantastic value by combining premium sound with durability, style, a frustration free twisted cable, and phone/iPod functionality all for an unbelievably low price. Plus, your purchase will be backed by a company that stands behind their product and provides exceptional customer service. Balanced armature technology produces accurate sound that presents every detail of the vocals and instruments. MEElectronics is again providing extreme value with the Armature Series in-ear headphones, offering sound quality at a fraction of the price of our competitors. MEEs Armature Series earphones don t lack in the bass department like many of our competitors and have a slightly warm and relaxed sound. Style has also not been forgotten; the Armature Series delivers! Features Balance Armature Technology for Accurate Sound Do you want a high level of accuracy and detail to hear the nuances of your music The A151 will give you what you are looking for with a presentation that adds a little warmth not usually found in balanced armatures at this price level. Amazing accuracy for the price without sacrifice in bass response Warm sound adds an enjoyable touch to the accuracy for a very pleasant listening experience Stylish and comfortable housing that uses an over-the-ear design to help you achieve a fantastic fit The black housing is sleek and impressively designed with chrome accents while using an equally exquisite soft and flexible twisted cable. But, the A151 isn’t all about stylish looks, it also brings detail and accuracy balanced armatures are known for! Speaking of sound, the detailed and accurate presentation still has deep bass you know you want to hear! Ideal for jazz, classical, rock, pop, country, vocal, opera, electronic, and metal music as well as movies, audio books, phone conversations, and anything else you listen to! Passive Noise Cancelation Designed to be worn over the ear with an angled fit, the A151 gives you hours of comfort