This easy-to-read and highly accessible Tipbook has been written in close collaboration with classical and non-classical singers and teachers, therapists and other experts. Tipbook Vocals doesn’t teach you how to sing, but it supplies you with valuable, practical information that will help you to understand and extend the possibilities of your voice, to appreciate and evaluate input from voice teachers and coaches, and to have easier access to other literature on the subject. Perfect for singers of any style and at any level, it covers: singing well, registers and voice types; voice care; lyrics; microphone selection; and much more. “Interesting, brief, clearly written … a useful introductory overview. (Tipbook Vocals) certainly does compile useful information in an extremely well-condensed, abbreviated and accessible form. The opinions expressed in the book … generally reflect high-quality standards of practice accepted throughout the international community of voice experts.” (Robert Sataloff, MD, DMA; Journal of Voice) “This book is a veritable giant of information, and should be in every teacher’s and professional’s library, as well as the advanced student’s. I’m happy to recommend it.” (Henry Howell, Australian Music Teacher Magazine) “There’s something for all kinds of singers, teachers, therapists and doctors, whether your interest in singing is artistic, anatomical or both. I loved it and it’s a book I’d have been proud to have written myself.” (Jayne Comins, The Singer Magazine) “While the book provides a wealth of information for the singer, its small profile also encourages its owner to carry it along as a practical reference for the college student, the elementary and secondary classroom or the church or community choir musician. For even the well-trained professional, this Tipbook may offer an alternative view or serve to refresh a stale bag o’ tricks.” (Karen Nevins, Bella Voce, ACDA Michigan) “A quick reference to confront problems and questions; ten easy to grasp chapters, and a great glossary and index of musical words, terminology and definitions, for solo singers as well choir members, background vocalists and other singers in any style of music and at any level or age.”(Barry Rudolph, Music Connection)