Music SuperDisc: High Definition Surround Sound, High Definition Stereo SUPERDISC FEATURES High Definition Surround – Mastered for today’s 5.1 home theater systems to bring out more character and discreet instrumentation. In The Band Surround Experience – 1.54 Mbps DTS 96/24 and Dolby 448kbps 48/16, sounds like you are at a live session. High Definition Stereo – Audiophile Mastered PCM Stereo Tracks Also includes the original 2-channel stereo CD. High Definition Digital Music Files ready to Drag and Drop Dolby Headphone Surround for virtual surround sound from MP3 Players 2 Bonus Tracks Winner of Best Surround Mix Grammy One Of The Greatest Artists Makes One Of The Greatest Albums Winner of 8 Grammy’s including Album of the Year, Genius Loves Company is one of the most amazing records ever made. Accompanied by 14 other superstar artists and mostly recorded in Ray’s original studio, the performance created hit songs like Crazy Love with Van Morrison, You Don’t Know Me with Diana Krall, and Here We Go Again with Norah Jones. And now, Monster Music brings you a limited edition Genius Loves Company with two bonus tracks featuring vocal group Take 6 and the Latin great Poncho Sanchez. Geniuses Sound Even Better On SuperDisc Besides the stereo disc included for your CD player or car stereo, Monster Music brings you Ray Charles in full High Definition Surround Sound on a SuperDisc for your DVD player. Better than normal stereo, music in surround puts you right in the middle of the music. It’s exciting, moving, and the way the artists intended you to hear it. And for audiophiles, there are High Definition Stereo tracks in 96K/24bit lossless audio. SuperDisc Gives A Surround Experience From Your iPod Direct from the master recordings are High Definition Digital Music files ready to download to any computer or portable music player that supports WMA (Windows), or AAC (Apple, iPod). Even better are Dolby Headphone music files that simulate surround sound through any pair of headphone.