Attributes: Import-Eu Discs:1 Country:Eu. Country: EU. Label: Part ( PRQT ). Product Type: Compact Disc. Catalog : 680001. UPC: 4015589001801. Configuration: D: CD. Linder, Christian / Lead vocal Schwarz, Burny / Bass vocal Appich, Hardy / Backround vocal Keller, Stephan / Backround vocal Schramhauser, Markus / Backround vocal AcaPelvis is the first and only band formation in the whole wide world that performs the King’s songs with nothing but their own voices. The five vocalists come from Heidelberg in Germany, and they have all gained many years of live music experience in various bands on stages from Tennessee to Tokyo. They are now looking forward to leaving their instruments at home and presenting some of the King’s mighty tunes to you. Elvis is alive.