MP PRO-1000: For High Performance Hookup of Digital and Analog Components to AC Power for Studio and Live Sound Connected Equipment Surge protection featuring 3 Isolated Clean Power Filters with Dual Power-Status LED Meters 8 Wide-Spaced Outlets. Perfect for the professional musician. Monster Clean Power Stage 2 v2.0 filtering for high quality sound. Dual Mode Protection provides audible and visual alarm for maximum protection and performance. Dual LED bars indicate available voltage and current draw. 8 switched outlets for power hungry equipment are color-coded for error free connections. 2775 joule rating provides high level of surge protection. Heavy-duty, extra long high current 10 ft. Monster PowerLine 200 cable for maximum power transfer. Rugged, rubberized end caps and cable grip plug designed for easy cable management and transport. 24k gold-plated grounded plug for maximum conductivity. 4.5 w X 18 l X 2.5 h – 4.6 lbs. Dirty Power Exists Whether You Hear it or Not Whether youre gigging, laying down tracks or mixing, the AC power feeding your gear is full of interference and line disturbances that youll hear loud and clearannoying clicks, buzzes and hums. And although you may not hear it immediately, dirty power can also cause loss of dynamic range, a harsher sounding mix, and increased noise floor that can transform your tube-warm tone into a transistorized sonic nightmare that can ruin every song in a set or destroy an otherwise perfect studio take. With Monster Clean Power, Youll Always Sound Your Best The Monster Clean Power Circuitry uses patented filters to dramatically reduce electronic noise on the power line. With Clean Power, youll enjoy purer, more natural tone and increased dynamic range, so youll always sound your bestonstage and in the studio. Prevent Catastrophic Damage to Your Sensitive Music and Recording Gear from AC Electrical Surges Like personal computers, the sensitive electronics inside your equipment can be easily damaged or destroyed by the surges and spikes common with power lines today. The problem is even worse if you live in an area plagued by lightning or power blackouts. Extremely high voltage can travel through an unstable power line at any timemid-set on any stage or mid-take in any studio sessionseriously damaging or even destroying your precious gear. The Monster Power PRO 1000 features extreme protection with 2775 joules of metal oxidized varistor protection for limiting surge voltage and current no matter where your music takes you. More Than Just a Surge Protector We dont just stop with surge. Clearly labeled sockets differentiate between the Analog, Digital and High Current filters, allowing you to organize your connected gear for easy hookup while also optimizing its performance. That saves a lot of aggravation when you are behind your equipment rack trying to find the right plug. And unlike regular power strips that always come up just a little too short, youll appreciate PRO 1000s extra heavy duty longer length cord, which features gold-plated contacts for maximum power transfer, just like you expect in a Monster Power product. You Get More of Everything from The Monster.