Track Title. 1 Ashes To Ashes. 2 Dirty Rhythm. 3 Love Kills. 4 Naughty Naughty. 5 Burn. 6 Let Freedom Rock. 7 That Time Of Year. 8 Heavy Pettin. 9 Ecstasy. 10 Deeper And Deeper. 11 Breakout. 12 The Meltdown. 13 ‘Ya Know’-Im Pretty Shot. Does that high-pitched wail sound familiar? Well, odds are if you’re reading this, you should know it. For Vinnie’s second album, good ol’ Mark Slaughter (who would soon — with Invasion bassist Dana Strum — form the even more successful and creatively named hair metal band Slaughter) takes over vocals from the departed Robert Fleischman, and while his high-pitched wails are a bit hard to take, his vocals give this record a bit more consistency than the debut. Outside of that it’s kinda just more of the same. Unfortunate for Mr. Vincent given his obvious talents, this sort of “metal” that somehow thrived from 1985-1990 (or so) wasn’t the type of rock that was open to too much experimentation. So what you get here is a pretty run-of-the-mill hair rock album: rockers, ballads, solos, etc. ~ Chris True, Rovi. Product Type: Compact Disc.