Get ready to experience an exciting new level of sound, style and comfort with Exceed earphones. Run, bike, workout, board or just relax to your favorite tunes with the confidence your earphones will remain in place. AURIA’s XFit system is designed to solve the number one complaint about earphones & x2013; that they fall out too easily. XFit is based on the use of ultra-soft, ergonomically-shaped LOBES that gently conform to the flexible portions of outer ears & x2013; the tragus and anti-tragus. ECO rings are part of the XFit system and are designed to individualize the fit by positioning the speakers properly to maximum comfort and audio performance. Custom-engineered speakers to produce premium-level audio. Hand-selected speaker components deliver deeper bass, richer vocals and sweeter highs. Breathy vocals, rousing guitar riffs and heart-thumping bass come to life. Our design team researched and tested every aspect of the earphones to make sure that they perform in a wide variety of sporting and active-lifestyle activities such as running, skiing, hiking or merely commuting to a school or job. The sleek Inline Control & Microphone requires only a finger touch to adjust volume. A textured Function button enables control of Music and Video (Advance track, Restart track, and Go back one track) plus Pause and Answer/End call for the iPhone 3GS/3G and other mobile phones. The integrated Microphone can be used for hands-free calls and Voice Control when connected to iPhone 3GS/3G, Blackberry and other mobile phones. Select Personalizers to reflect your personal style, team affiliation, college or fashion. Personalizers swap out in seconds and change the exterior appearance of your earphones. An extremely soft mesh carrying case is designed to hold your earphones, accessories and most smartphones or MP3 players, including the iPhone 3G/3GS with slim case.