Pioneer’s TS-A1072R four-inch three-ways deliver power handling of 150 watts max. (20 watts nominal). Pioneer continues to set an example with next-generation technology for improved sound: the tweeter, magnets, surrounds, the voice coil wire, the basket and more are all high-performance components that make up a great speaker. Pioneer’s A-Series Speakers Pioneer A-series speakers outperform factory speakers on nearly every level. Packing a powerful punch, A-Series speakers are equipped with up to three independent tweeters with reinforced woofers, so every beat is heard and felt. Featuring a bigger, better cone than most OEM speakers, the A-series boasts serious output and booming bass. Extra-sensitive tweeters play at higher frequencies and are capable of handling stronger audio signals, resulting in vocals that are crisp and clear, even when you crank the volume. br clear=”all” TS-A1072R Features Composite IMPP Cone with Interlaced Aramid Fiber With long aramid fibers interlacing together inside, this IMPP cone design provides the strength and rigidity that powerful bass sound requires. High-density compressed internal architecture is resilient, stacks up against high power well and transfers sound quickly. The result is full-bodied, rich sound character with midrange depth that conventional IMPP cones cannot match. Midrange/Tweeter The mid-range is a 15/16″ Light Weight Balanced Dome with Magnetic Fluid and includes its own Neodymium Magnet, for high-performance reproduction with low distortion, and the 3/8″ Dome Tweeter delivers smooth, accurate highs. Custom-Fit Basket A custom-fit basket will fit both 4- & 2-Hole Mounting applications, making installation easy. Power Handling The TS-A1072R handles 150 watts max. power (20 watts nominal). Along with enhanced power handling, you still get the same high performance that all the TS-A’s deliver. A four-inch, three-way speaker with 150 watts power handling. Click to