KOO1093: Train your dog safely and effectively with new proseries dog off. This handheld product has been designed to release an ultrasonic wave that is audible to dogs. The ultrasonic sound emitted by dog off gets a dog’s attention and helps stop them in their tracks. The sound is irritating to dogs, but it’s inaudible to humans. proseries dog off is an excellent tool for personally training your dog away from bad habits at home or outside, and is also handy for joggers, delivery people and meter readers.No more dogs digging through your trash or tearing up your garden! Teach your dog what furniture they are not allowed on simply with the push of a button! Use the same way outside for any corrective action on your dog, or use as a defensive measure against an attacking dog by holding the button down and aiming directly at the approaching dog. The closer the attacking dog gets; the louder the ultrasonic siren gets! ProSeries dog off also features a built-in mini flashlight for evening use, as well as a personal security alarm that features a 120 dB audible siren with the push of a button. Features: -Dog training device. -Dog off button for ultrasonic corrective training inaudible to humans. -Personal safety alarm button emits a 120 db audible siren. -Handy built-in flashlight for evening use. -Ergonomic, attractive and sporty design clips on belt or fits hand comfortably. -Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included). -Koolatron provides a 90 day warranty. -Overall dimensions: 3.8″ H x 2.6″ W x 1.7″ D. For more information on this product please view the Manual Sheet(s) below: Dog training device Manual sheet Weight:0.54 lbs