From the most trusted brand in home karaoke for over 25 years, the singing machine iSM 1028N pedestal karaoke system with 7 color LCD monitor, video camera and iPod dock is not only impressive to look at, it gives you all the functions needed for an epic karaoke experience. With the built in video camera you can watch yourself perform right on the built-in 7″ monitor, or use the included RCA cables to connect to your television. The iPod dock allows you to play your downloaded music or download the new Singing Machine Mobile Karaoke App in iTunes or Apple App store to access a library of over 8000 karaoke mp3s and graphics available for streaming. Audio Voice Control, Digital Key, Echo and Balance Controls make sure your vocals sound their best. Two microphone jacks with separate volume control all you the option of grabbing a partner and making your next performance a duet! One microphone included. Demo Disc Included.