Fight in the theatre of war that changed the world forever. Battle alongside your compatriots on some of the most inhospitable environments of the Eastern Front in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 RO places you in the most realistic WWII first-person multi-player combat to date on the PC, allowing the player to fight through some of the most intense combat of the war. You can play as infantry, using a wide range of infantry weapons, or crew one of the many armoured combat vehicles available in the game, from half-tracks all the way through to the most famous German and Soviet heavy tanks. You can engage the enemy with everything from your bayonet at close quarters up to the massive 122mm cannon on the Soviet IS-2. And if that isn’t enough, find an officer and a radio to call in thunderous artillery strikes to shake the enemy loose. Features: Engage enemy tanks at 800 metres and more with the Simulation-level armored vehicle combat Fight the full range of combined arms infantry and vehicle combat in detailed environments based on real-world data, from city-centre to deeply rural settings Realistic bullet and projectile ballistics will make you duck for cover Coordinate strategies with your team-mates via Voice Over IP Authentic Immersive Sound FX and 3d Positional Sound System 3D Iron Sights and unique 3D scope system True weapon deployment system including resting rifles on support Historically accurate artillery system Distance-based sound system dynamically creates the battle ambiance Advanced player movement system featuring diving over obstacles and leaning Custom 8 way animation system for highly realistic player animations.