Turn your computer into a recording studio with the new Prodipe Studio 12 Audio Card! Developed, engineered and sold successfully in Europe for many years, Music Factory Direct is now proud to offer this exclusive product line to our customers in the United States. The Prodipe Studio 12 features one mono input (6.35mm jack) for guitar, mic and any other compatible instrument, two mono outputs (2 x RCA), one stereo output (3.5 mini jack), full speed USB connection and a Prodipe ASIO 2 driver for very low latency. Comes bundled with CUBASE 5 LE and PRODIPE VE software. With the Cubase 5 LE you can record your vocals, plug in your guitar or any other instrument or just sit back and enjoy the sound of a full orchestra. The PRODIPE VE allows you to have your own professional expander (300 sounds) and no latency. Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (32 or 64 bits) or Windows 7(32 or 64 bits)