The EMX312SC is a powered mixer with 12 inputs, built-in digital reverb and dual 300-watt digital power amplifiers. It is housed in a sturdy, plastic cabinet that tilts back for easy access. The mixer section is an 12-input stereo mixer that has an effects send, a monitor send, and 3-band EQ. FCL (Feedback channel location) helps pinpoint the offending channel when feedback occurs. The first four channels of the EMX312SC have single knob compression to allow better control of vocals, punching up a bass guitar, or bringing out a quiet bass guitar or kick drum. The effect send is routed to the built-in DSP that provides high quality reverb effects based on the popular SPX processor series. The amplifier section uses Yamaha s proprietary EEEngine technology for efficiency and cool operation. A switchable YSP circuit tailors the amplifier s response for the Yamaha Club Series loudspeakers. Numerous line level output jacks on the front panel allow the EMX312SC the flexibility to grow as nee